Coperion STS 35 Mc11 Twin Screw Extruder

NPE 2018: Smart Solutions for Plastics Compounding

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at NPE 2018

Sewell, NJ, USA, March 2018 – At NPE 2018 (May 7-11, 2018, Orlando, Florida / USA), Coperion and Coperion K-Tron will present a variety of advanced components and solutions for plastics processing at their Booth W729 in West Hall Level 2. Coperion will be presenting a STS 35 Mc11 twin screw extruder for masterbatch that features a series of improvements for safer working and improved cleaning, such as a new base frame design, reengineered extruder covers and a new die head specifically developed for producing color masterbatch. Further on display will be a Coperion SP 100 pure strand pelletizer that offers easy access and quick cleaning. The strand pelletizer is ideal for longtime operation and ensures high cutting quality. At NPE, Coperion will also exhibit a barrel bore measurement system, a service solution that precisely determines the current condition of the extruder process section barrels and allows early detection of any parts that require replacement. This system has been specifically developed for inspection of the barrel bore without dismantling the barrels. So stop by and see for yourself this perfect solution for plant operators to assist in maintenance planning and keep production downtime to a minimum.

And lastly, Coperion and Coperion K-Tron will offer attendees a cutting-edge virtual reality experience and augmented reality applications of their equipment and systems. So as you can imagine, it will be well worth a visit to their Booth W729 and see what all Coperion and Coperion K-Tron has to offer and talk to their experts at the show.

Twin Screw Extruder STS Mc11 Ideal for Color Masterbatches
The STS 35 Mc11  twin screw extruder features a specific torque level of 11.3 Nm/cm3, screw speeds of up to 900 rpm, and proven Coperion extruder quality. The full line of STS extruders offers an extremely appealing price/output performance ratio.

With color masterbatch processing in mind, Coperion equipped the STS Mc11 twin screw extruder with new features that significantly improve the system’s handling and ease of cleaning. The STS Mc11 now includes a new base frame design which allows for integration of the water manifold and wiring connections for better cleanability without sacrificing accessibility.
Operations around the machine are simpler since Coperion reengineered the extruder covers to enable easy access to the process section and at the same time reduce dust contamination and collection. The unit also includes more smooth surface area for easier cleaning. The barrel heater shells are equipped with insulation plates to minimize the temperature on the surface of the process section and the feed barrel opening is fitted with a removable sleeve, which facilitates simple cleaning and therefore quicker color change-over. A tray has been added to the vent port for collection of drippings or vent flow and lastly the die head has been redesigned and can now be quickly opened by simply loosening swing bolts for faster color changes.

The STS 35 Mc11 exhibited at NPE is equipped with a Coperion K-Tron K2-MV-T35 Volumetric Twin Screw Feeder – an economic and reliable solution for metering the color premix batches into the extruder feed opening. The T35 feeder offers volumetric feeding of free flowing to very poor flowing powders (e.g., lumpy, moist or bridge building materials) as well as fibers, flakes and other bulk materials. The T35 is a twin screw feeder with interchangeable feeding tools. All parts in contact with the material being fed are stainless steel, and feeding equipment is easy to disassemble. A horizontal agitator gently moves the bulk material to the large feeder throat and then into the screws. This equipment conforms to CE standards regarding EMC and safety. The K2-MV-T35 feeder comes with a Coperion K-Tron SmartConnex® control system, which allows individual or multi-component control. Rate range (depending on material) is 0.04 to 88 ft3/h (1.25 to 2,500 dm3/h).  

Strand Pelletizer SP 100 pure
Coperion Pelletizing Technology designs all pelletizing systems to exactly meet the requirements of compounding and extrusion lines. The strand pelletizer SP 100 pure on display at NPE is ideal for longtime operation due to robust functions such as the rugged housing for sturdy cutting gap and high cutting quality over the whole working width. The cantilevered bearing design offers easy access and quick cleaning. The vibration insulation and many other useful options such as pellet length regulation, driven upper feed roll, cutting head cooling or transfer signal to the extruder control, which are available for the different pelletizers of Coperion Pelletizing Technology, ensure gentle product handling and best pellet quality.

Barrel Bore Measurement
With the Barrel Bore Measurement System, Coperion shows a service solution at the NPE that precisely determines the current condition of the extruder process section barrels and allows early detection of any parts that require replacement. The system provides three measurements in each bore every 5 mm along the barrel length. The maximum value from the three measurement points gives the exact wear status for that specific point along the barrel length. The Coperion barrel bore measuring system is specifically developed for inspection of the barrel bore without dismantling the barrels. The quick and complete non-contact capacitive measurement system allows measurement with minimal cleaning of the barrel surface. This helps operators plan maintenance intervals and reduces loss of production time during inspection, keeping downtime to a minimum. The barrel bore measurement solution is available for ZSK extruders, sizes 40 to 133 mm.

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