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ZSK Food Extruder Fulfills Highest Hygienic Requirements

With its innovative design, the ZSK Food Extruder complies with all the more comprehensive food industry hygiene and safety requirements.

The ZSK Food Extruder in Hygienic Design meets the maximum hygienic standards, such as EU 1935/2004 food regulations, while at the same time improving product and production safety.

This ZSK 76, recently assembled for one of our customers, with a 76 mm screw diameter, demonstrates the full range of hygienic design advantages at a glance: Its focal point is the food extruder’s sleek base frame. Manufactured from stainless steel, it includes more smooth surface area for easier accessibility, which significantly reduces system cleaning effort and keeps downtime to a minimum.

All product-contact parts of the ZSK Food Extruder are manufactured with materials that ensure long service life and high reliability of the wear parts. They conform to all food regulations such as EU 1935/2004 and relevant FDA guidelines. Thus, even food and animal feed with aggressive raw materials can be manufactured with high productivity and with maximum product and production safety.

The ZSK Extruder in Hygienic Design is a technological solution that enables production in accordance with the strictest standards and regulations in the food industry. As guarantor of the highest product quality, it comprises the basis for safe and efficient manufacturing of food and animal feed.

The Coperion ZSK twin screw extruder is the result of over 100 years of experience with extrusion processes and over 50 years of expertise in dealing with food applications. Its operational performance and the long service life of its components make the extruder a perfect choice for food manufactures. A broad range of food companies worldwide, from cereal manufacturers to texturized meat analogues producers, are using the ZSK food extruder with great success.

Output data for the ZSK Food Extruder provided here are based on a Do/Di of 1.8 (outer to inner screw diameter). The specific torque reaches 11.3 Nm/cm3 and the maximum screw speed is 1,800 min-1.

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