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Bulk Material Mixer MIX-A-LOT Available for Tests in Coperion's Test Center

In numerous compounding plants around the globe, the mechanical bulk material mixer MIX-A-LOT ensures high-speed, gentle and efficient homogenization of bulk materials.

Now the MIX-A-LOT has been installed in Coperion’s test center in Weingarten/Niederbiegen, Germany, and is henceforth available for tests on an industrial scale. For different applications, customers have the possibility to test the mixer and by this means make sure, that the requirements under production conditions will be fulfilled.

A MIX-A-LOT 400 with a useable volume of 400 l and a throughput of up to 1,5 t/h has been installed in the test center. The mixer is equipped with a special mixing tool, permitting optimizations, which are individually adjusted to the requirements of the application. This means that, for example, the gap to the housing can be variably adusted as well as inclination and geometry of the paddles can be modified.

The MIX-A-LOT 400 in Coperion’s test center is fed via 2 conveying lines through vacuum conveying. A control system, which was specifically developed for this purpose, ensures a very precise dosing and weighing accuracy and enables management of recipes and dosing parameters as well as storage of the achieved dosing results. Feeding of the product can be done via a big bag emptying station, a container emptying station or via a suction nozzle.

In general, the readily accessible and easy to clean MIX-A-Lot is available in 4 sizes for throughput rates up to 5 t/h and there is also an ATEX version. The combination of an outstanding mixing effect and extremely short mixing time is due to the optimized design of the mixing rotor. Its low circumferential velocities and the optimum design of the gap to the housing perdimt gentle handling without particle destruction of heating of the product. The large inspection door on the fron of the MIX-A-LOT provides easy access. An additional opening at the discharge flap also facilitates inspection and cleaning of this section.

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  • Jürgen Rumschick

    Sales Manager Bulk Materials Plants, Processors and Compounders