Optimized SK92 Die Head and Automatic Strand Conveying System ASC

Successful Interaction for High Compounding Throughputs

When compounding within high throughput ranges, the seamless interaction of all process stages, while minimizing sources of error, is a decisive key to success. One important contribution to such high throughput rates is our ASC Automatic Strand Conveying System that automatically transports the extruded strands from their discharge from the die head to the pelletizer. In its largest size, the ASC 700, it successfully accomplishes the task in systems used for manufacturing polyamide compounds at throughputs of up to 6000 kg/h.

The SK92 die head that we optimized especially for processing in this high throughput range generates 100 strands in a single row, and 160 strands in a double row. Its intelligent heating/cooling concept creates a very homogeneous temperature distribution across the entire width of the die head. Furthermore, the optimized flow geometry enables uniform melt discharge with only minimal pressure loss.

Coperion equipped the SK92 die head with smart features that greatly simplify its handling. In just one circular motion, all of the SK92’s mounting bolts can be loosened, opening the die head rapidly and, thanks to the telescoping rail on the swing arm, allowing it to easily be moved aside. Just one service technician is sufficient for this task. The process area is accessible in no time at all. Screw changes and die head cleaning are as a result extremely quick.

Following discharge from the die head, the extruded strands are transferred to the ASC where they are automatically conveyed to the pelletizer’s feed mechanism via a cooling water chute and a conveyor belt thereafter. Startup is just as fully automatic as the conveying and rethreading of broken strands. There is no product loss. The production run is not interrupted.

As standard the ASC comes with a vertical adjustment for placing extruded strands on the water chute at different points depending on the material being produced. The length of the cooling zone can be modified both on the chute and the conveyor belt for the product and the throughput. Likewise, the suction points for drying the strands can be individually modified for the process at hand.

The SK92 die head and the ASC 700 work together in harmony. Both sections are optimally adjusted to each other, perfectly completing the technologies for the entire process chain, exploiting the full output potential of our complete systems, especially for manufacturing polyamide compounds.

Coperion Automatische Strangzuführung ASC
Coperion's fully Automatic Strand Conveying System ASC

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