Coperion K-Tron K-Vision 2.0 Software

K-Vision controller now supports two independent lines of feeders

Coperion K-Tron, Niederlenz, Switzerland, has added new features to its proven K-Vision™ software. The K-Vision controller is a graphical operator interface for controlling multiple devices such as feeders or feeder refill (vacuum receivers) in a process. With the release of K-Vision Software version 2.0, the K-Vision is now able to handle a total of 24 devices (e.g. KCM feeder controls or MPC refill controls) in one or two lines.  This is a major upgrade over the previous version which managed a maximum of 16 feeder controllers in a single line. K-Vision uses a 12.1-inch color LCD display together with a touchscreen as the primary operator input mechanism. It offers a quad screen display mode for viewing multiple pages on one feeder or a single page on multiple feeders. Support for over a dozen languages – including Chinese and Japanese – is included, and additional languages can be added on request.

Maximizing product quality while minimizing the need for direct supervision

Designed for simple operation and fast and easy start-up, K-Vision offers graphic visualization of process information, utilizing flexible, easy to use trend graphs. This feeder interface offers event logging and supports all of the different feeding control types for both continuous and batch operation. Easy to maintain, K-Vision software updates are possible by updating files on a compact flash card or by using a USB flash drive.

K-Vision offers a variety of remote access options. A second K-Vision can be connected via Ethernet as a remote interface for visualization and control of feeder and line parameters. K-Vision also comes with a VNC server, allowing any VNC client – on a PC, tablet or smartphone – connected to the same network to be used as a secondary user interface. In addition to the current connectivity options, including VNC, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP as well as others, K-Vision now also has email capability. No optional hardware or software is necessary – it is a standard feature. The K-Vision HMI can easily be set up to email a notification to one or more persons when key events occur, such as: the compounding line stopped, the compounding line started, a feeder is running out of product, a pneumatic receiver is not receiving pellets, notification of a specific alarm, etc. K-Vision can also be programmed to send log files by e-mail, such as feeder event logs, parameter changes, alarm logs, etc.

„Our focus in expanding the functionality of the K-Vision software is on making it easy to use and maximizing flexibility. We want users to be able to access a broad range of information about the process quickly and easily, thus simplifying operational and supervisory tasks in the feeding process and significantly improving efficiency.“ according to Jason Daniel, General Manager of the Business Unit Coperion K-Tron Equipment & Systems.