Marina Matta

Process Engineer at Coperion Stuttgart, Germany

After receiving a degree in process and environmental engineering, I started working as a process engineer at Coperion in April 2011. Since joining the Coperion team I can look back on six years filled with very diverse experiences. The variety of exciting challenges I’ve encountered, such as designing plants, running tests in our test labs, participating in conferences and trade shows, traveling around the world for startups or training sessions and becoming familiar with new cultures at the same time are just a few things that keeps things interesting.

Coperion Marina Matta

The variety of exciting challenges I’ve encountered keeps things interesting

Marina Matta, Process Engineer, Coperion Stuttgart

I personally think Coperion and Coperion K-Tron’s test labs are unique. We use them for optimizing processes and developing new products to help our customers be more efficient and successful in the market. The product range is extremely broad. It starts with filled compounds for simple foil applications such as trash bags or injection molding applications for the automotive industry and is rounded off by complex compounds for use in high temperature ranges or medical technology. Many everyday products such as PET bottles and packaging for food go through a twin-screw extruder at some point in their value-added chains. The opportunity to exert a decisive influence these developments makes my job special.    

What do I appreciate about being an employee of Coperion? The flat hierarchies and the opportunity to take on plenty of responsibility at an early stage of my career. And I also enjoy the freedom I have to accomplish my work in the best way possible. In our department, there are many interfaces with other departments, such as Sales, Design and Research & Development. This allows us to acquire lots of insight. And the company provides another big plus: the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues around the world.

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