Years of experience for a long service life

In cement plants there are many challenging applications to handle abrasive bulk materials. Coperion customers can rely on proven competence and expertise in all process steps, e.g. dosing of additives like fly ash, slag sand, lime or gypsum, pneumatic conveying from clinker grinding to dispatch silos, or discharge of (hot) bypass dust. All these materials have one thing in common: Their highly abrasive behavior, which Coperion faces based on innovative and graduated wear protection concepts - by design and by special selection of wear resistant materials.


With its wear protection concepts and high performance components, Coperion can serve an extremely wide range of requirements in terms of capacity, differential pressure and temperature. Furthermore we incorporated current ATEX regulations in our product portfolio. The outstanding combination of eminently comprehensive pneumatic conveying know-how with core components, self-developed and manufactured in our own facilities, provides a unique reliability and operating efficiency for our customers.


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