Innovative wear protection concepts for maximum economy

There are many reasons, why Coperion is the ideal partner for the minerals industry

  • We have experience with more than 15,000 bulk materials
  • Coperion components are long-lasting, high-quality products for all applications
  • Our DUROPROTECT levels for rotary valves guarantee maximum service life and availability
  • In our test center we simulate wear conditions and define the optimum wear protection (DUROPROTECT level).

Efficient Conveying and Discharge with Coperion Rotary Valves

Rotary Valve Executions

  • Design incorporates erosive wear protection
  • Wear resistant materials- adjusted to your application
  • Particularly for applications within pneumatic conveying sytems

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals

Areas of Application

  • Cement industry
  • Power plants
  • Construction industry
  • Wood industry
  • Lime industry
  • Alumina industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Ore processing

DUROPROTECT Protection Concept



  • Development of protection concepts based on long-term studies in the Coperion test centre and out in the field
  • Adapted to Mohs' hardness of bulk materials repspectively to wear characteristics of typical bulk materials
  • Optimised for product properties (in particular abrasiveness) and operating conditions (particularly pressure difference)


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