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Extrusion Technology

As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder, we possess unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in this field.

In Coperion, you have a partner on hand to provide the optimum solution to every compounding task. This ranges from special applications on laboratory scale to industrial-scale production. As pioneers in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin-screw extruder, we have unique expertise and experience in this field. Since the 1950s, Coperion has continued to set new standards in processing machinery and plant design for compounding technology. We plan and implement compounding systems for the plastics, chemicals, food, pet food and pharma industries which are tailored precisely to our customers’ applications. Over 15,000 compounding systems delivered all over the world are proof of our unique system and process competence.

Simulation and reliable scale-up of extrusion processes

Coperion relies on its own simulation technology developments which enable us to calculate the flow processes in the process section of our twin screw extruders accurately. The results achieved form the basis for optimization of processes or the design of individual plant parts.

One key benefit of Coperion's twin screw extruder series is the consistency of important parameters which ensure the reliable scale-up from lab extruders to production scale. Both the diameter ratio Do/Di which determines the free volume of the twin screws in the process section and the specific torque are constant respectively for all sizes of our extruder series. This way, we are able to ensure the reliable scale-up from the knowledge gained on a laboratory scale to production plants – for example, screw configurations or product formulation proportions can be scaled up from small to large sizes.

Simulation of the ZSK process section

Coperion twin screw extruder ZSK Mc18 ProcessSection Play video
Simulation showing Coperion's twin screw extruder ZSK with side feeder ZS-B and Feed Enhancement Technology

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