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Mixing and Homogenizing of Bulk Materials

Many production processes in the bulk solids industry include a mixing or homogenization step to achieve consistent product quality. In both continuous and batch processes, important product properties can be subject to fluctuations over time, which must be compensated for.

Depending on the bulk material volume and quantity and the required task, different mixers can be used.

Available Models

Coperion Mix-a-lot  bulk solids mixer

Mechanical Mixers

Mechanical mixers are often used for small bulk material volumes. The MIX-A-LOT mechanical bulk material mixer from Coperion is used primarily in compounding plants and mixes the individual components for extrusion in a cost-efficient, fast and gentle manner.

Bulk Material Mixer MIX-A-LOT
Coperion K-Tron Combiflow blender

Static Silo Mixers

These mixers, which are characterized by large volumes and can hold approximately half to a whole day's production, are particularly suitable for homogenization tasks in processes with high production outputs, e.g. in plastics production. In modern mass production plants, volumes of up to more than 1,000 m³ are required for this purpose. Only static silo mixers (conical mixers) are suitable for this purpose.

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