Silo cone blenders for efficient blending

A uniform blend is an important factor for meeting the highest standards of product quality. To meet these standards Coperion & Coperion K-Tron have developed static blending systems with which the products in a silo can be economically homogenized with a capacity of up to 1,200 m3 [42,380 ft3].

The static cone blenders are recommended by several leading companies.


  • Existing storage silos can be modified to blending silos
  • For continuous batch operation
  • Thoroughly homogenized after two product circulations
  • Available in stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Usable in combination with standard silo
  • Easy to clean
  • Self draining
  • Cost effective

Related Industries

  • Plastics

What silo cone blender is right for my application?

Application CFB FCB ZoneBlender
Regrind X   XX
PVC dryblend   XX XX
Food X X XX
Plastic Pellets XX   X
Plastic Powders   XX X

Recommended = XX
Suitable = X

Available Models

CFB & FCB Blenders

COMBIFLOW Blender (CFB) is a static silo cone blender for pellets and granular products with six flow zones at different velocities.

FLUID CONE Blender (FCB) is a static silo cone blender for plastic powders, PVC dryblend and  with five flow zones at different velocities.

Download CFB & FCB Flyer

ProBlend Zone Blender

A static silo cone blender for blending and homogenizing any free flowing bulk material, within a hopper or silo. It can be used for mixtures of many ingredients and is frequently employed by compounders, recyclers, food industry processors and others who require a uniform blend of materials at the use point.

Download Zone Blender Specification Sheet (Englisch)


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