First-Class Technology for Efficient Li-ion Battery Manufacturing

Coperion supports Li-ion battery manufacturers in producing high-quality batteries cost-effectively. Their extensive range of dependable, top-tier technologies and products, spanning from single components to complete systems, coupled with their expertise in designing individual machines and years of experience, are the key factors contributing to the successful planning and building of systems in various areas of battery manufacturing. Our systems for electrode compound manufacturing in gigafactories, as well as our high-accuracy feeding and conveying solutions for manufacturing battery performance materials (cathode or anode active material) can significantly optimize battery production processes. 

The combination of reliable partnership, proven first-class technology and years of experience make Coperion the ideal partner for the battery industry.

Coperion Battery Systems Circle

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron.

Suitable solutions for every process step.

From single components to complete systems: From conveying and feeding in mining & refining, active material production or battery recycling to the continuous production of electrode masses and battery separator film.

Suitable Solutions for your Production

Icon Battery Mining

In the Mining & Refining sector, Schenck Process (part of Coperion since 2023) support you with our reliable feeding and conveying solutions. 

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Icon Battery Active Material Production

We supply high-accurate feeders and containment-secure bulk material handling solutions for the production of active materials.

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Icon Battery Mixing Process

We optimize your manufacturing process with the continuous production of battery masses.

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Icon Battery Separator Film

The Coperion twin screw extruder ensures high product quality and reliability when producing battery separator film.

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Icon Battery Recycling

With our containment-secure feeding and conveying solutions, we contribute to the safe and efficient processing of Black Mass:

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative technologies and processes for optimizing your battery manufacturing: 
    High-performance extruders, high-accuracy feeding solutions, optimized conveying solutions
  • Comprehensive systems from a single provider, with each step harmoniously integrated with the others, resulting in significantly fewer interfaces
  • Years of experience in planning, engineering and implementing containment-secure equipment and systems

  • Client-specific solutions
  • Comprehensive process expertise for developing optimized recipes
  • 50 locations worldwide: we are where you are
  • Shape what matters for tomorrow: Together with you, we produce what’s important for the future 

Our product portfolio

Coperion Battery System Solutions

Individual plant concepts and customized systems

We realize individual and customized system solutions for the manufacturing of batteries - all from a single source. Many years of experience and comprehensive process expertise in the areas of system planning, development, and realization make us your ideal partner. 

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Coperion ZSK Twin Screw Extruder

Continuous Manufacturing of Battery Compounds

The continuous production process of electrode masses in a wet or dry process using ZSK twin-screw extruders enables a cost-efficient production of batteries.

The Coperion ZSK Mc18 twin-screw extruder is the ideal extruder for maximum reliability and profitability, achieving the highest quality and exceeding throughput requirements.

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Coperion K Tron Feeders for Solids

Smart Feeding Solutions

Coperion K-Tron feeders stand out with high accuracy and reliability. With their comprehensive expertise and variety of feeding solutions, Coperion K-Tron has the right feeder for every application.

Precise control and data on the bulk material allow manufacturers to profit not just from adherence to precise formulation, but also from fewer maintenance and down times. A more stable process with reduced costs is the result.

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Efficient conveying solutions and products for bulk material handling

First-class handling for first-class products: We develop pneumatic and gravimetric continuous conveying concepts for optimizing plant design and layout.

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Coperion Service


From single spare parts to total service agreements Coperion and Coperion K-Tron provide comprehensive services for your production – all with focus to optimal performance of your plants and systems.

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The Coperion Test Center: We help you optimize your processes safely.

Coperion test labs offer you the ideal platform for testing changes to or innovations for your products or recipes. In addition to our simulation and scale-up expertise, we have outstanding equipment at our disposal for comprehensive testing and development of processes under realistic production conditions. 

Coperion offers comprehensive testing options for your questions, developments and tests. That goes for all areas: extrusion, feeding,and conveying. Our Test Centers are adequatley equipped for caring out tests with all common battery raw materials, allowing us to safely optimize your process together.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Individual questions and problems can be addressed in test environments.
  • All tests take place under adherence to local regulations for handling CMR substances
  • Tests from raw material feeding to discharge of battery compounds: Various extruder sizes and a broad portfolio of over 100 suitable Coperion K-Tron feeders are available for use
  • Testing and optimization of pneumatic conveying lines as well as analysis of the bulk material properties of the raw materials being used

The Coperion and Coperion K-Tron Test Center

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