Our Core Values

Our core values describe the values and behaviors that we want to guide our performance and conduct - how we work and how we interact with our colleagues and customers.

Our 5 Core Values

Core Value #1 Individual Worth & Integrity

As a recognized leader in the industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for ethical policies and practices, and are committed to the health and safety of our people.

Core Value #2 Excellence in Execution

We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in execution – working with urgency, innovation and passion. Excellence is always intentional. Our success as individuals and as an organization depends on how consistently we can bring this value to life.

Core value #3 Learning & Improvement

Continuous learning and improvement requires to develop our full potential as individuals and as an organization. We should all be eager to learn – and to share our knowledge and experience with one another.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement will have a direct, positive impact on our ultimate success.

Core value #4 - Courage

By courage, we mean the ability to lead, act and take responsible risks for our business. Courage requires us to stand for what is right, speak up when something is wrong and make tough decisions for the long-term good of the company.

Core value #5 - Customer Focus & Partnership

Anticipating customers’ needs requires a deep understanding of the issues they face, the ability to listen carefully and the pursuit to find a joint solution. We continually challenge ourselves to add real value to our customers’ businesses, using internal and external insights to guide our product development and shape the solutions we bring to them.

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