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Coperion K-Tron

Pneumatic conveying blower packages

Coperion K-Tron supplies a wide range of positive displacement (PD) continuous vacuum, pressure, and vacuum/pressure system blower packages for conveying bulk materials. Packages are available for 2 to 10-inch conveying systems. Each blower package includes silencer and is supported on a heavy-duty base allowing easy access for cleaning. Built-in braces permit the entire package to be moved into position with a forklift during installation or maintenance.


  • Designers carefully calculate the required performance of each blower and how it will respond to your specific application.
  • We recognize how important a properly sized blower is for maximum system efficiency.
  • Our standard design procedure is to select a blower that will meet the system’s requirements with the blower operating at 85% of capacity. This promotes longer blower life and provides room for field adjustment, if necessary, to fine tune the system.

Standard positive displacement blower packages include the following components

Heavy-Duty Blower Base

Every Coperion K-Tron blower package is supported on a heavy-duty base that allows easy access for cleaning. An adjustable motor mount accommodates any motor with an IEC or NEMA bolt pattern and lets the motor be easily moved to the best position for tension on the drive belt.

Totally Enclosed Drive Guard

A heavy-duty drive guard totally encloses the drive to protect plant personnel. Laser cut metal front allows the operator to visually inspect the belts without removing the guard and lets the heat from the belts dissipate for longer belt life. Routine maintenance is simplified by the drive guard’s easy access design.

Industry Proven Blower

Every Coperion K-Tron blower package incorporates an industry-proven positive displacement blower. The blower is dynamically balanced, and isolation pads are positioned between the blower and the base to reduce vibration and noise.

Industry Proven Motor

An industry proven motor that meets all IEC or NEMA specifications is standard on every blower package. Like the blower, it is mounted on isolation pads to reduce vibration.

Easy-to-Read Gauge

A large, easy-to-read gauge permits easy monitoring of the blower in operation. It is divided into mbar (PSIG) for pressure blowers and mbar (inches of Hg) for vacuum blowers. A liquid filled case assures the accuracy of the reading and an inline snubber improves the gauge’s wear life by absorbing the pressure shocks and pulsations of the blower.

Inlet Filter Silencer (Pressure Blowers Only)

An inlet filter silencer is available to reduce sound emissions and protect the pressure blower from dust and other particles in the ambient air. To accommodate indoor or outdoor use, the filter element is housed in a rain hood that is easily removed for filter inspection or cleaning.

Discharge Silencers

Coperion K-Tron chamber-absorptive type discharge silencers are designed to reduce the sound emissions. They are designed to allow the air to flow through with a minimum of resistance and thereby ensure maximum blower performance. Silencers are designed underneath the blower stand allowing a smaller footprint for maximum plant floor space.Silencers are available in a wide range of sizes for horizontal configurations.


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