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Auxiliary Equipment

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Twin screws of Coperion's ZSK extruder

For highest level of product quality and productivity

Coperion offers comprehensive auxiliary equipment for its compounding and extrusion lines. These application-specific special solutions such as the Feed Enhancement Technology (FET) or the ZS-EG side devolatilization guarantee the highest level of product quality and productivity of our compounding and extrusion lines. They are the result of our continuous research and efficiently improve application processes.

Together with our comprehensive process engineering support the auxiliary equipment helps to simplify the operation of our machines and systems increasingly.

Auxiliary Equipment

Coperion's ZS-B MEGAfeed Side Feeder

ZS-B MEGAfeed Side Feeder

Both in the recycling of post-industrial waste and in the reprocessing of post-consumer waste, the ZS-B MEGAfeed technology opens up completely new dimensions. The ZS-B MEGAfeed achieves an immense increase in the feeding rate of flakes and fibers from a wide variety of plastics (e.g. PA, PE, PET, PP), and thus significantly higher throughput rates - in both mechanical and chemical recycling.

Coperion side feeder ZS-B

Side Feeder ZS-B

The ZS-B twin screw side feeder for ZSK extruders enables the side feeding of fillers and additives in powder or pellet form or cut glass fibers into the processing section of the twin screw extruder. The ZS-B features a self-cleaning profile of the twin screws and product feeding into the screw flights of the extruder without stagnant zones. Very little space is required for the side feeder thanks to its compact design.

It can be mounted anywhere on the extruder’s process section with a side feed or combi barrel. It is available in mobil and a pivoting design.

For much faster dismantling from the ZSK process section and simple change of the twin screws Coperion offers the ZS-B in easy design.

Side Feeder ZS-B easy
Coperion Feed Enhacement Technology FET

Feed Enhancement Technology (FET)

In this patented technology the feeding zone of ZSK extruders is equipped with a porous, gas-permeable wall section to which a vacuum is applied externally. The resulting gas extraction increases the material intake capacity in the processing of feed limited products by up to three times.

The results of the FET technology are considerable increases in the throughput rate and greater cost effectiveness of the compounding plant.

Feed Enhancement Technology FET
Coperion side devolatilization ZS-EG

Side Devolatilization Unit ZS-EG

The performance capability of the ZSK and the STS series with a conventional top vent barrel can be limited in many cases especially in the extrusion of low-viscous melts and extrusion processes with high gas volumes.

The ZS-EG twin screw side devolatilization provides the solution for ZSK and STS extruders. With its large free cross section for the devolatilization, it keeps the melt reliably in the process section during operation without product leakage even at maximum specific torque of the extruder. Throughput increases of up to 30% with, at the same time, considerably improved product quality are possible.

It is available in mobil and a pivoting design. For reduced time for cleaning Coperion offers the ZS-EG in easy design.

Side Devolatilization ZS-EG easy
Coperion die head SK 92

Die Head

The die head for Coperion twin screw extruder series ZSK features optimum flow geometry. It ensures highest throughputs with gentle product handling and maximum heat transfer.

Coperion Quick Change Coupling

Quick-release screw shaft coupling for ZSK 26 Mc¹⁸

For ZSK 26 Mc¹⁸ laboratory extruders Coperion has developed a patented quick-release screw shaft coupling that enables screw changes to be performed as quickly as possible. Cleaning times are reduced to a minimum when changing
colors and recipes.

Coperion screen pack changer SWZ

Screen Pack Changer SWZ

The SWZ screen pack changer from Coperion ensures the maximum productivity of your compounding plant. It is designed especially for the melt filtration in high-performance compounding plants. The screen pack can be changed during operation without interrupting production.

SWZ Screen Pack Changer
Coperion melt pump MP

Melt Pump MP

Use of a melt pump is necessary in individual cases for processing and pelletizing polyolefins. It ensures the necessary pressure build-up for the melt filtration and pelletizing at a very low introduction of energy. The Melt Pumps MP from Coperion are adapted individually to the project requirements as well as the ZSK MEGAcompounder.

MP Melt Pump
Coperion ServiceBox CSB

Coperion ServiceBox

The Coperion ServiceBox is an integrated system for the online monitoring and logging of faults in your plant and components, ensuring trouble-free compounding with stable product quality. Our active start-up assistance and rapid expert support are the ideal solution for efficient production with reliable quality control.


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