Direct Extrusion / Inline Compounding

Processing and forming in one work step

Direct extrusion or inline compounding makes it possible to produce semi-finished products such as films, plates, tubes or profiles in one process step. The intermediate pelletizing typical for plastics and other products is omitted in inline compounding. The investment and operating costs and the energy requirements of the production process drop as a result. Some products can only be manufactured using single-stage direct extrusion.

Inline compounding comprises a very complex production process in which the quality of the end product is the all-decisive factor. With the long years of experience and extensive process and system competence of our specialists, Coperion’s direct extrusion systems achieve first class results. Every one of Coperion’s inline compounding plants features smoothly interacting process steps from material handling to feeding, extrusion and cooling of the product. Our twin screw extruders ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, and Coperion K-Tron's highly accurate gravimetric feeders ensure consistently high end product quality.

Typical directly extruded products

  • Bi-axial oriented films
  • Thermoforming films
  • Foamed and cross-linked films
  • Floor coverings
  • Monoaxially stretched films
  • Adhesive films
  • Hot sealable films
  • Sandwich boards for facade building
  • Breathable films as diaper foils or for roof sealing
  • Roof sealing rolls
  • Sealing compounds and profiles
  • Battery separators
  • Separating films for Li-Ion batteries
  • Insulating films and noise insulating compounds
  • Sawdust and wood fiber-filled boards and profiles
  • Honeycombs for catalysts
  • Films for safety glass
  • Erasers
  • Pipe insulations with micro hollow glass spheres

Typical applications

Coperion bi-axial oriented film plants
Bi-axial oriented films

The product

  • Oriented films for the packing industry
  • Foils for the production of 35mm and X-ray film, audio, video and data tapes
  • Capacitor films
  • Battery separation films
  • Films for LCD screens

The raw materials

  • Base polymers PE, PP, PET, PEN, PA, PS, PLA
  • Fillers
  • Additives and pigments
Coperion plastics thermoforming film pellets
Thermoforming film

Processing PET pellets and recycled PET directly into thermoforming films without pre-drying

The product

  • Direct processing of polyethylenterephthalate (PET) in foils or fibers

The raw materials

  • New PET
  • PET foils and punching waste
  • Ground and washed PET bottles
  • Additives and pigment
Coperion plastics cross-linked films
Foamed and cross-linked film

The product

  • Special foils of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) for numerous applications in the automobile industry, in leisure and sport activities or in machine and equipment construction
  • Soft touch films for dashboard panels
  • Insulating mats
  • Noise-damping foam between steel sheets

The raw materials

  • Base polymers PE, PP, EPDM, EVA
  • Chemical propellants
  • Crosslinking agents
  • Foaming agents
  • Additives and pigments
Coperion plastics floor coverings
Floor coverings

The product

  • Floor coverings with PVC
  • PVC-free floor coverings

The raw materials

  • PP / EVA + 40-50% chalk or talcum
  • PVC + 20% softeners + 40-50% chalk or talcum

Typical set-up for for direct extrusion or inline compounding

Comprehensive product range

Coperion twin screw extruder ZSK 82 Mc18

Extruders and Compounding Machines

The ZSK twin screw extruder is the heart of Coperion’s direct extrusion lines. With our extensive experience and our comprehensive engineering know-how we are able to provide direct extrusion lines that ensure smooth interaction of all process steps for optimal product quality.

Coperion K-Tron single and twins screw feeders over an extruder inlet

Feeding Equipment

Coperion K-Tron feeders are ideal for accurate feeding of raw ingredients or pre-mixes into an extrusion process.  The wide range of products available encompasses twin screw feeders, single screw feeders, bulk solids pumps as well as other types in a variety of sizes and configurations. The K4G blending station allows up to six feeders to be arranged closely around an extruder inlet. Over 100 years of feeding experience is built into each of our feeders. Our engineers will help you find the right solution for your process.

Material Handling Equipment

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron’s broad range of pneumatic conveying systems and components are specially designed for the transfer dry bulk materials, such as powders, resin pellets, and colors.  Whether you require a simple single receiver system or a complete material handling system involving multiple materials we can design a solution to fit your extrusion process needs.  Our material handling and process knowledge will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to designing, replacing, or updating your material handling and feeding systems.

Coperion compounding plant

Plants and Systems

Coperion has many years of experience in the design of material conveying systems for plastics processers. With our engineering know-how we design material handling systems that exactly meet the requirements of the product and the process.

Coperion service underwater pelletizer


From the basic inspection to the full service: We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your individual needs to maximize your machine and system availability.


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