Coperion is specialist for complete processing lines for bio plastics

Individual Solutions for Compounding of Bio Plastics

Processing of bio plastics places very high demands on the compounding process because of the variety of possible base polymers and the great differences in formulation. When processing bio based plastics, biodegradable products or wood plastic composites (WPC), every process step of the system must be tailored exactly to the desired mechanical properties of the end product.

We have built up comprehensive know-how for the processing of bio based plastics, biodegradable products and wood plastic composites (WPC), with numerous systems implemented. Our engineering specialists have years of experience in the fields of cooking extrusion and plastic compounding. We can provide the entire plant from raw material transfer and feeding to compounding, pelletizing, drying, conveying and packaging of the pellets.

Typical applications for bio plastics

  • Plastics with granular starch as a bio-degradable filler
  • Starch-based loose fill
  • Thermoplastic starch
  • Polylactide (PLA), PVOH, synthetic copolyester, PBS, PHA, PCL, CA
  • Compounds of various bio materials
  • Compounds of plastics and bio materials
  • Pelletizing of PLA, polymerization of PLA
  • Filling and reinforcement with 40-70 % wood
  • Filling and reinforcement with natural fibers such as flax, hemp, cellulose
  • Compounding for injection molding applications
  • Compounding in inline injection molding
  • Compounding in the inline press process
  • Profile extrusion with WPC profiles

Typical set-up for the production of biodegradable products

Coperion plastics set-up biodegradbale products

Comprehensive product range

Compounding Machines and Extruders

Our twin screw extruders are the heart of the processing plants for bio plastics. The modular structure of the process section enables individual adaptation to every application so that optimal product qualities are achieved.

Feeding Equipment

Coperion K-Tron’s feeding capabilities are unmatched: our extensive feeder portfolio includes single screw, twin screw, vibratory tray, smart weigh belt and our bulk solids pump feeders.  All available with our patented digital SFT weighing systems for ultimate accuracy.  If space is limited, we can utilize our K4G feeding assembly to group up to six feeders around the process inlet and provide your process a compact feeding system.

Coperion K-Tron Compounding Line

Material Handling Equipment

The variety of material used when producing Bio Plastics can make designing a material handling and feeding system a challenge.  Coperion K-Tron’s past experience makes designing a solution for your process successful from the start.  Our pneumatic conveying together with our feeding systems can make sure the right recipe of ingredients is delivered to the extruder. We can provide a complete material handling solution to deliver material from silo, bulk bags, or small bag dump stations to your process. Our system capabilities include our Series 2400 for moving your minor ingredients and continuous vacuum or pressure for conveying higher capacity ingredients to your process.

Process Equipment

Plants and Systems

Apart from the extruder, Coperion provides entire plants for processing of bio plastics - from the raw material transfer and feeding to pelletizing and drying, conveying and packaging of the pellets.


Coperion and Coperion K-Tron offer versatile services. Their emphasis is never on what is possible but on what is practical.


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