Display of Coperion's EpcNT control system for complex machines and systems

Highly sophisticated solutions for the control of extrusion lines

Coperion provides control solutions for twin screw extruder systems individually tailored to customers’ requirements ranging from standardized control systems to customized open control systems for complete compounding plants.

The control systems can be easily integrated into customers’ Industry 4.0 environments and offer a large number of functions such as the full recording of production data, reporting, recipe management and much more. The clearly designed, userfriendly interface of the control systems increases the operational availability of Coperion processing plants.

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly standardized and pretested control software
  • Sophisticated software functions such as recipe management and historical data evaluation available
  • Based on newest PLC technology from Siemens (S7-1500, ET200SP)
  • Display of HMI screens on external devices like tablet PCs, smartphones or office PCs via web access
  • Integration into I4.0 environments via standard protocol OPC-UA and more
  • Integration of Coperion ServiceBox for remote service

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Pet Food
  • Pharmaceutical

Coperion’s CSpro Extruder Control with New Graphical User Interface

Coperion CSpro Extruder Control Interface Play video
Coperion has given its proven CSpro control for ZSK twin screw extruders a new look. Coperion has precisely aligned this innovative graphical user interface (GUI) with the needs of their extruders’ operators, creating a uniform look and feel across all user levels; thanks to the clear reduction in complexity it is intuitively operable. An independent jury has honored the added value of this new operating concept, optimized for users. The control interface was awarded the 2021 IF Design Award in the Product Interface category.

Control systems for twin screw extruders and compounding plants

Coperion extruder control CSpro

CSpro – standard control system with various comprehensive function ranges

The CSpro is based on the latest Siemens control components. With its clean design and attractive appearance it is simple and intuitive to operate. A variety of evaluation options of the production process are available and trend values can be exported to text files or network devices. It offers a clear overview of the complete plant on one simple and intuitive touch screen. An alarm system and a large capacity archive for data storage and evaluation are integrated. The recipe management tool stores an unlimited number of recipes which can easily be displayed, edited and filtered. Addional functionalities provided include the possibility to switch between different machine configurations among others. The CSpro allows for the completely integrated operation of up to 12 feeders.

Coperion extruder control EpcNT

EpcNT – control system with flexible deployment options for complex machines and plants

The EpcNT is particularly suitable for customer-specific plant configurations and for controlling entire extrusion and compounding lines from raw material feeding through to finish product discharge. It also allows for the integration of several compounding lines. EpcNT is Coperion’s control system with most extended scope of functions which includes but is not limited to recipe management, along with trend display, reproducibility and traceability of the production parameters, feeding calculation and analysis of production data. The EpcNT is highly flexible and adaptable to all customer-defined needs and uses self-explanatory symbols for userfriendly and intuitive operation.

Coperion extruder control EPCS7

EPCS7 – control system for polyolefin extruders

The EPCS7 is the optimum control system for all high capacity polyolefin extruders. It can be individually geared to meet any requirement. It is based on the fully integrated PCS7 software system and on control components from Siemens. The PLC hardware S7-400HF ensures maximum performance and the control of safety functions. The easy to read graphic visualization of the EPCS7 on a 24" touchscreen panel simplifies operation, enables signal monitoring down to an individual sensor and enables problems to be localized quickly. Further advantages include the quick start-up and high level of availability of polyolefin extruders.


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