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Boost productivity and uptime of your extrusion or compounding manufacturing plant with Coperion’s secure digital services platform C-BEYOND.

Unleash Your Digital Potential With C-BEYOND

Do you want to boost the productivity and efficiency of your extrusion or compounding plant through digital products and services tailored to the specific requirements of the plastics, food, recycling, and battery industry? Look no further, and learn about C-BEYOND, Coperion’s digital product and services platform!

Coperion Markus Schmudde

With C-BEYOND, we offer customers a comprehensive and mature digital platform that is consistently tailored to the requirements of the extrusion and compounding sector.

Markus Schmudde , Head of Research and Development, Compounding & Extrusion, at Coperion

With C-BEYOND, you can make the most of digital transformation over the entire lifecycle of your plant. Always keep track of all performance parameters in your entire extrusion or compounding line, run detailed overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) evaluations, and maximize your production efficiency.

Raise your plant availability to unprecedented levels with AI-powered maintenance technologies while protecting your company data from unauthorized access. Unleash the digital potential of your plant: Discover C-BEYOND.

Discover C-BEYOND

OEE dashboard

The OEE dashboard grants you digital access to comprehensive production data whenever you need them in a user-friendly interface. Take the guesswork out of understanding how productive your line currently is, and dive deep into OEE analysis charts or quickly check the dashboard to make sure your plant is running smoothly. More uptime is just clicks away.

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Secure IT infrastructure

C-BEYOND leverages all the power of digital production without compromising on data security. The two-tier VPN-based IT concept limits connection to the internet to a minimum and protects the transmission of sensitive production data to the C-BEYOND online platform against unauthorized access. All data are securely stored on German servers in Frankfurt according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smart Machine Features

Increase your productivity and machine availability with the intelligent diagnostics and monitoring features of Coperion’s latest extruder controls. Smart Machine Features include enhanced alarms that display probable causes of system failure as well as the recommended action. Another feature to reduce downtime is the “empty run” for feeding systems, where all or selected feeders can run empty simultaneously at a particular point in time.

CSB 4.0 service box

The CSB 4.0 service box is the key to easily connect your entire compounding line to the C-BEYOND platform for maximum performance transparency. It is designed for quick retrofit on existing Coperion machines, and it enables a variety of remote support and monitoring services for extruders as well as for material conveying and associated systems. With detailed machine and process data available in the digital platform, advanced data-driven maintenance concepts can be implemented.

Sustain app

The Sustain app shows energy consumption and, depending on the energy supply tariff, the associated CO2 emissions. The data can even be broken down from plant level to the individual consumption of the extruder.

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