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Perfect combination of German quality mindset and Chinese innovation

With the CTE PLUS Coperion Nanjing offers a new twin screw compounding system with a very attractive cost/performance ratio. The CTE PLUS series has been developed with a specific focus on the special needs of small and medium-sized companies in China and Asia in terms of technological requirements and price. As an option the CTE PLUS series can be provided with TÜV CE certification.

The precise manufacturing of the CTE PLUS extruder series ensures the economical processing of a wide range of applications at high product quality. Before delivery each CTE PLUS extrusion system is subjected to a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the Coperion Nanjing site to ensure high quality standards.

Key benefits of the CTE PLUS series

  • To improve reliability and to ensure longer life time Coperion Stuttgart, Germany, has engineered new gearboxes for the CTE PLUS that can bear a specific torque of 7.2 Nm/cm³
  • New Coperion gearboxes exchangeable with old generation CTE’s gearboxes
  • Higher process safety due to new gearbox
  • New base frame designed by Coperion, Germany, to ensure higher stiffness
  • Gearbox housing manufactured in-house at Coperion Nanjing with CNC machine of Heller, Germany, and checked with 3-dimensional inspection machine of Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • Ideal configuration due to modular design
  • As flexible as the application - process section according to requirements
  • Closely intermeshing, co-rotation twin screws
  • Wide range of downstream equipment available
  • Final assembly check with 3-dimensional check instrument of Faro, Switzerland
  • Before delivery each CTE PLUS extrusion system is subjected to Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the Coperion Nanjing site to ensure high quality standards

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals

Typical areas of application

  • Engineering plastics
  • Masterbatch
  • Filling
  • Wood composites
  • Cable compounds (PVC, HFFR, XLPE, semi-conductive)
  • Devolatilization/degassing & reaction
  • Direct extrusion

Related equipment

Coperion twin screw extruder CTE 75 PLUS 180

CTE PLUS Two-stage

The CTE PLUS two-stage compounding and pelletizing system is mainly designed for the modification and compounding of
heat and shear sensitive materials. Its two-stage set-up and the modular principle of the process section allow highly efficient compounding of applications such as PVC, XLPE and
HFFR cable compounds, soft PVC, medical compounds, EVA footwear compounds, etc.

Coperion twin screw extruder control system

Control Systems for the CTE PLUS Series

  • Relay control: Simple, low-cost, but reliable and easy maintenance system
  • IPC: System with FCS local bus technology (Profibus, CAN). The functions can be adjusted by software configuration
  • PLC: Advanced system using PLC to control the machine. Functions like supervision, alarm, print and parameter tendency can be included
  • PCC: PCC system which combines the advantages of a programmable logic controller and industrial computer with DCS technology. The use of a time-sharing multitask operation system allows real time controlling of the complete line

Technical data of the CTE PLUS

Machine size Torque per shaft (Nm) Screw diameter (mm) Screw speed max. (rpm) Motor power (kW) Throughput rate (kg/h)
CTE 20 PLUS 24 22 600 3 2-10
CTE 35 PLUS 140 36 600 18,5 30-70
CTE 50 PLUS 430 51 600 55 90-220
CTE 65 PLUS 710 62 600 90 150-360
CTE 75 PLUS 1,270 71 600 160 260-650
CTE 96 PLUS 2,500 94 600 315 500-1,300
CTE 135 PLUS 7,160 132 400/600 600/900 1,400-3,500
CTE 165 PLUS 14,300 165 400 1,200 2,000-5,000


Machine size Model Screw diameter (mm) Screw speed max. (rpm) Motor power (kW) Throughput rate (kg/h)
CTE 50-120 PLUS two-stage CTE 50 PLUS 51 400/500/600 37-55 100-300
  SE 120 100 60/85 18,5-22  
CTE 65-150 PLUS two-stage CTE 65 PLUS 62 400/500/600 55-90 150-500
  SE 150 150 60/85 37-45  
CTE 75-180 PLUS two-stage CTE 75 PLUS 71 400/500/600 110-160 300-900
  SE 180 180 60/85 45-55  
CTE 96-200 PLUS two-stage CTE 96 PLUS 94 400/500/600 220-315 600-1,800
  SE 200 200 60/85 55-75  



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