Multi-Ingredient Handling Systems

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Automation of Dosing and Mixing Systems

Multi Ingredient Handling Systems (MIH systems) cover all steps from the arrival of the ingredients at the processor, through dosing, to the production of premixes. Depending on the quantity and the required accuracy, gravimetric dosing is carried out manually or automatically. In order to ensure an efficient plant process, MIH systems also include intralogistic applications related to premix production. Coperion can help you set up a MIH system as part of your compounding plant.

The Coperion MIH system enables fully automated recipe preparation that fulfills high demands for constant product quality, seamless documentation, and batch traceability. Particularly as production trends toward shrinking batch sizes, frequent product changes, and the multitudes of formulations and components associated with them, such automation provides a high degree of safety to the users.

Fields of Applications

MIH systems can be used wherever premixes are produced from different individual ingredients. Due to the modular design, each system can be individually adapted to the requirements.

Main areas of a MIH system

MIH systems can be divided into four main areas:

  • Storage
  • Dosing
  • Blending
  • Transportation
Coperion Big Bag Station


Due to the complexity of the variety of components on interchangeable storage containers, the Coperion MIH concept is based on exchangeable storage receptacles, that are only used if the respectively contained product is part of the recipe. Containers which are not required can be stored outside the dosing area to save space. On the one hand, this reduces the space required in the active dosing area while on the other hand the number of dosing hardware required is reduced to the active ingredients in the dosing.

Some of the transport receptacles commonly used for bulk materials can be used directly at the respective dosing points (IBC, bigbag) or the bulk materials are transferred into standardized receptacles (bag, octabin). Furthermore, pneumatic feeding from silos is possible too.

Coperion Add-a-lot - Discharge


Dosing is the core of a MIH system and can be carried out automatically or manually. For both manual and automated dosing of bulk material, aspiration must be provided due to the expected dust formation. In addition, both types of dosing have a control system, which in the case of manual dosing is implemented in form of an operator guidance system.

With the automated dosing system ADD-A-LOT, Coperion offers a flexible solution for use in a MIH system. Learn more about the ADD-A-LOT.

Coperion Mix-a-lot  bulk solids mixer


During the mixing process in a MIH system the dosed ingredients are turned into a premix that is as homogeneous as possible. Does the premix consist solely of granular bulk materials, the Coperion MIX-A-LOT is used. For non-granular premixes, Coperion has a large number of experienced partners in the field of mixing technology and the required container mixers.

The mechanical bulk material mixer MIX-A-LOT ensures particularly efficient, high-speed and gentle homogenization of fed material. The readily accessible and easy to clean mixer is available in three sizes for throughput rates up to 5 t/h, there is also an ATEX version. The surface of the mixing chamber can be electro polished.

The combination of an outstanding mixing effect and extremely short mixing time is due to the optimized design of the mixing rotor. Its low circumferential velocities and the optimum design of the gap to the housing, permit gentle handling without particle destruction or heating of the product.

Coperion Multi Ingredient Handling System - Intra Logistics


Both the exchange of storage containers and the transport of the premix IBCs are fundamental to the operations of a MIH system. In addition, intralogistics is an important control lever for the degree of automation of the system.

For transportation issues in a MIH system, different options are available: Manual transportation, conventional conveyor technology or automated guided vehicle. Together with Coperion, the appropriate intralogistics solution for will be selected.

Coperion Multi-Ingredient Handling System - Animation Play video
Animation of the Coperion Multi-Ingredient Handling System


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