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Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role - in every sector of the economy! Tackling the pressing challenges of climate change requires creative ideas and a great deal of know-how.

Coperion's process technologies are used in the production processes of a wide range of industries. Examples include plastics processing and recycling, the manufacture of chemical products and batteries, as well as food and pharmaceuticals. Our systems and equipment are designed to be as energy-saving and efficient as possible while achieving the best possible product quality. Our sales and service teams as well as our process engineers are in constant communication with our customers in order to further develop our technologies.

We are convinced that sustainable change cannot be achieved single-handedly, but requires teamwork! Every employee at Coperion works towards a common vision and contributes to the big picture with their individual expertise.

Big ideas lead to big changes

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With our innovative technologies and solutions in the areas of compounding & extrusion, dosing & conveying, materials handling and service, we make an important contribution to a wide range of industries. More than 140 years of experience and countless new and further developments enable us to provide systems and solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. At the same time, our experts provide important impetus for science. We are well networked and are involved in various research projects and initiatives.

  • We are working on the circular economy.

    Admittedly, plastics do not have the best reputation these days. And yet they are essential for our progress! Almost every area of life relies on a safe, robust, versatile and easy-to-mold material. So far, all of this can only be achieved with polymers. And even though our machines are based in the plastics industry, among others, we are aware of the growing waste problem. That's why we think further along the plastics value chain and are actively committed to the circular economy. Coperion develops solutions, concepts and ultimately systems that enable our customers to profitably recycle all types of plastics. Our product portfolio covers both mechanical and chemical recycling processes and, together with Herbold Meckesheim as part of the Coperion Group, we are even able to realize complete plants that cover the entire recycling process.


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  • We contribute to an animal and environmentally friendly food supply.

    The food industry has been changing for several years! Today's consumers are characterized by a greater awareness of animal welfare, health and the environment, making a plant-based diet increasingly popular. For this reason, food manufacturers not only have to rethink their approach, but can also open up new market niches. Coperion's Food Extruder is versatile and the ideal system for the production of a wide range of meat substitutes. Our ongoing developments, such as our Food Extruder in hybrid version, enable the efficient production of different types of meat alternatives. In this way, we indirectly contribute to the rapidly growing variety of plant-based food products. At the same time, as part of the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division, numerous well-known brands are working on safe and efficient solutions for the optimal supply of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


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  • We are involved in the production of high-performance batteries for the mobility transition.

    Electric cars, e-scooters or e-bikes - the mobility transition is dependent on powerful and reliable batteries in many respects. Coperion has decades of experience with toxic materials and is very familiar with the process and quality requirements in battery production. As an expert in the extrusion and containment-safe handling of sometimes toxic raw materials, we contribute our know-how to various research and customer projects.


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  • We develop plastics from renewable raw materials.

    In addition to streamlining packaging and the increasing use of recycled materials, bio-based materials also play an important role. Crude oil, the basis for plastics, is valuable and scarce. This is why more and more companies are turning to alternatives that do not rely on petroleum, or rely on it to a lesser extent. This is exactly where we come in! Coperion's experts have extensive experience with a wide range of bio-based polymers based on renewable raw materials. Depending on the requirements and application, these are even partially or fully biodegradable.

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We strive for a culture of continuous improvement.

Hillenbrand, Parent Company of Coperion

Shape What Matters For Tomorrow

As part of our parent company Hillenbrand and in line with our motto "Shape what matters for tomorrow", we take on a wide variety of challenges. Together, we make an important contribution - including in the areas of the environment and social affairs.


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