Battery Manufacturing

Efficient conveying solutions and products for bulk material handling

Conveying components such as rotary valves from Coperion are especially wear resistant to ensure conveying machinery’s long operational life

For the production of active material, battery masses and the recycling of battery masses

Coperion will develop the optimal conveying concept for your plant. Manufacturer requirements and layout parameters are taken into account during planning as are the properties of the bulk materials, conveying lines, and the materials of construction of the diverter and rotary valves. Planning also always considers the operation costs along with investment costs. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Pneumatic conveying concepts for optimizing plant design and layout
  • Continuous and batch systems, as well as gravimetric systems
  • Conveying system with reduced interfaces
  • Wear-resistant materials for long machine life and less maintenance and downtime
  • Cost analysis: Consideration of investment and operation costs

Our solutions

Coperion pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic conveying

Development of an appropriate pneumatic conveying concept using vacuum or pressure conveying for gentle product handling. The entire plant layout can be optimized by developing an individual conveying plan. 

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Rotary and diverter valves

First-class handling for first-class products: Coperion’s high-performance rotary and diverter valves ensure gentle, reliable and economical ingredient handling. Manufactured with appropriate materials for wear protection, they ensure high machine longevity. Also suitable for use in containment-secure systems. 

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P Series vacuum receivers and loaders

The Coperion K-Tron P Series vacuum receivers and loaders are designed for conveying a wide range of bulk materials and meet strict hygiene regulations. All P-Series models are manufactured in stainless steel and are characterized by the steep discharge cones for safe product discharge and clamping ring connections for quick disassembly. Equipped with an actively controlled butterfly valve, the P Series is ideal for refilling loss-in-weight feeders.

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Coperion test lab bulk analysis

Bulk material analysis in the laboratory

Years of experience, comprehensive testing options and an extensive database make us the ideal partner for your bulk material logistics. 

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Coperion test lab Weingarten

Coperion Test Labs

We Help you Optimize your Processes Safely.

We offer the ideal platform for testing changes or innovations to your products and formulations. In addition to simulation and scale-up expertise, we have the equipment at our disposal for comprehensive tests under realistic production conditions.

Our Test Labs


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