Coperion Plant Systems

Individual plant concepts and customized systems

From manufacturing through to the end product - We provide individually tailored plants for the plastics industry as well as customized systems for all processes along the process chain for a large number of applications of various industries.

Why individuality is our solution for bulk materials handling

We design and install all plants and systems to a highly professional standard:

  • We provide the ideal solution for new plants¬†or extensions to existing plants, for production and logistics plants for both the plastics manufacturing and processing industries.
  • We deliver systems for various process steps, from silo or railcar unloading down the process chain to packaging free flowing granular bulk materials.

In our view professionalism means minimizing complexity for you. Our project managers make sure that your plant or system is built on time. This includes meeting tight deadlines and coordinating a number of people and processes. Transparency and direct communication are the foundations for efficient teamwork. To achieve structured, reliable and fast implementation of even the largest projects, we network our team around the world to make sure everyone has all relevant data at their immediate disposal. Our worldwide experienced project teams are conversant with national and international standards and regulations.

Our Four Areas of Expertise

Process competence

  • Powder handling
  • Extrusion / compounding
  • Pellet handling & processing
  • Logistics

Project Management

  • Deadline and Budget Compliance
  • Coordination of all Project Participants
  • Compliance with Contractual and Statutory Obligations
  • Multi-layered Integration of Production Data

Scope of services

  • Concept Development / Planning / Basic Design
  • Engineering and Design
  • Production and Supply
  • Installation and Site Management
  • Commissioning and Training

Scope of supply

  • Machines
  • Equipment
  • Steel structures
  • Construction work etc.
  • Controls

Plants & Systems - competencies

Coperion materials handling

Plastics Plant Construction

We are your perfect partner for all bulk solids and processing plants in the plastics manufacturing, compounding and plastics processing sectors.

We have the unique know-how for all process stages and also develop and manufacture all key components required for the overall process.

We ensure on-budget, on-schedule plant construction to suit customer requirements by means of first-class project management and engineering.

Coperion is the plant & Systems constructor for the plastics industry.


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