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ZSK Mc¹⁸ Twin Screw Extruder

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Maximum torque for highest throughput

The ZSK Mc18 high performance twin screw extruder is a superlative product. With its torque of 18 Nm/cm3, it has made a name for itself on the market as a throughput champion for products with high torque requirement such as engineering plastics. The 30% increase in torque compared to the predecessor extruder model ZSK Mc PLUS leads to increases in throughput of up to 100%. Therefore the ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder ensures production with maximum economic efficiency. The optimum price/performance ratio, the extremely energy-efficient operation, the wide range of applications, and the associated high level of flexibility of the machine are additional advantages.

With its Do/Di of 1.55, the ZSK Mc18 strikes just the right balance. It has proven itself in the processing of products with high torque requirements and enables reliable scale-up within the entire Mc18 twin screw extruder series. In addition, it is possible to scale-up and modernize the ZSK Mc PLUS series to the Mc18 series.

Advantages of the ZSK Mc¹⁸ at a glance*

  • More than 30% increase of specific torque
  • Up to 100% increase in the throughput rate
  • Increased energy efficiency by reduced specific energy input
  • Greatly improved productivity
  • Improved compounding quality by gentle processing with a higher filling degree
  • Reduced compound temperature at much greater throughput rates
  • Flexible, wide area of applications
  • Proven high ZSK safety enabled by new designs and developments
  • Gentle product handling for maximum quality
  • Maximum flexibility in product changes and machine modifications
  • Optimum graduation of the machine sizes
  • Excellent mixing behaviour
  • Reliable scale-up
  • Very wide range of wear protection solutions
  • Comprehensive process engineering support
  • Flexible solutions for control system
  • Comprehensive after-sales services by worldwide Coperion service network
  • Large number of application-specific solutions to increase throughput and productivity, e.g. quick-release features, side devolatilization ZS-EG, Feed Enhancement Technology (FET)

* in comparison with the predecessor model ZSK Mc PLUS

Typical areas of application of the ZSK Mc¹⁸ twin screw extruder

  • Continuous processes with high energy consumption
  • Processing of all previously torque-limited products such as polyamide with glass, PBT with glass, glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene
  • Mixing and dispersing of pigments and additives
  • Reinforcement with glass, carbon and other fiber materials
  • Degassing of volatile components
  • Filling with talcum, calcium carbonate, sawdust or other fillers
  • Alloying
  • Reactive extrusion
  • Chemical reactions such as polymerization, polycondensation and polyaddition
  • Direct extrusion
Coperion ZS-EG easy

Optimized Side Degassing ZS-EG easy and Side Feeder ZS-B easy

The new easy design of the ZS-B and ZS-EG permits much faster dismantling from the ZSK extruder process section and the twin screws can be changed very simple. Time for cleaning e.g. for recipe changes decreases obviously.

Electronically Secured Maintenance Opening at Gearbox Lantern

The gearbox lantern of Coperion ZSK twin screw extruders can be optionally equipped with an electronically secured maintenance opening. As soon as the screw shafts come to a complete stop, service personnel can open the gearbox lantern without tools, guaranteeing secure, easier access to the screw shaft coupling.

This feature, which is available from a size of ZSK 32, significantly simplifies screw changes and maintenance, which again reduces the machine’s downtimes, thus contributing to greater efficiency of the system.

Technical data of the ZSK Mc¹⁸

ZSK Max. torque per shaft
Specific torque Md/a³
Max. screw speed
Max. motor power N
Screw diameter
18 MEGAlab* 38 11,3 1,200 10 18
26 Mc18 140 15 1.200 37 25
32 Mc18 315 18 1,200 83 32
45 Mc18 930 18 1,200 245 45
58 Mc18 2,000 18 1,200 528 58
70 Mc18 3,500 18 1,200 924 70
82 Mc18 5,700 18 1,200 1,504 83
92 Mc18 7,500 17 1,000 1,649 92
119 Mc18 15,300 17 1,000 3,364 118
133 Mc PLUS 20,000 15 1,000 4,398 133

* Laboratory extruder

Coperion Fast Track Extruder

Short delivery times – fast return on investment

Choose your ZSK extruder design from the variety of Coperion's Fast Track Options, and you can get the machine for your process task with a decisive advantage: a markedly reduced delivery time!

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