Wear and corrosion resistant solutions

From standard materials to extremely wear and corrosion resistant materials, we offer the full range.

Individual wear and corrosion resistant material solutions

ZSK twin screw extruders can be highly productive even in difficult applications with aggressive products. We provide the proof of our extensive experience in the development and application of extremely wear and corrosion resistant material solutions: Considering your individual requirements, our experts help you to determine the exact combination out of more than 150 materials to ensure highest durability and reliability of the wear parts especially with economical considerations. This applies to all parts when purchasing a new ZSK extruder as well as to our comprehensive spare parts service.

Wear protection for screw elements and barrels

Abstract of the material solutions for extruder barrels and screw elements – individually adapted to every area of application

For the selection of suitable material solutions our first step is to have a look at the technical aspects of your application. The wear stress is determined depending on the product and application so that we can select suitable materials in the appropriate version. These range from PROTECT BASIC solutions for applications less susceptible to wear and corrosion to PROTECT EXTREME materials for maximum lifetime. In a second step we choose the most efficient material combination with you.

Process Section of a ZSK Extruder of Coperion

C-Rock: Wear Material for Highest Protection of ZSK Extruder Barrels

C-Rock is characterized by its highly wear and corrosion resistant matrix with specially selected hard material components. It is applied to product-contact parts of the ZSK extruder barrels using a technologically advanced manufacturing process. The result is a completely homogeneous, closed surface screw channel and first-class adhesion of C-Rock to the base material.

C-Rock gives the highest protection against abrasion and corrosion to the barrels of Coperion ZSK extruders. It allows for highest productivity even in difficult applications with aggressive products and extends the life of the barrels.

C-Rock is particularly effective in heavily stressed areas of the process section such as in the melting zone, when mixing in abrasive particles, fibers or powders, and in the pressure build-up zone. These zones are when C-Rock is most worthwhile to apply, keeping barrel wear to a minimum and ultimately increasing the efficiency of the entire extrusion line significantly.

  • Coating thickness of 1.5 mm
  • First-class adhesion of the coating to the base material
  • For closed standard barrels
  • For extruder sizes ZSK 70 and ZSK 92
  • Available as directly coated barrels and liners
  • Retrofitting of liner barrels with C-Rock possible

The wear material C-Rock is particularly suitable for compounding PA, PBT, PP, HT plastics with glass and carbon fibers, ceramic masses, metal masses and powders. We recommend C-Rock for extruder barrels in the melting, mixing and pressure build-up zones of the process section.

Wear and corrosion resistant screw elements and direct coated barrel


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