Welcome to our Supplier Portal. On this page you can find all information about Coperion, the suppliers we are looking for and the form where you can apply as a supplier.

Global material flows and company structures, emerging new technologies and political change are the challenges or a global supply chain. Existing sourcing structures are subject to substantial, ongoing change. This is why Coperion needs to qualify reliable and flexible suppliers. When choosing new suppliers, quality standards and requirements as well as the flexibility of Coperion are ever increasing – besides price comparison.

The following criteria are our top priority:

  • Quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ability to supply
  • Service
  • Reliability
  • Technical standard
  • Logistics

It is our mission, to generate top performance for our customers, therefore we need the support of leading global players on the procurement market. Our company slogan “confidence through partnership” applies also to our supplier relationships and creates an environment that allows exceptional performance.


Information for suppliers

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