Code of Business Conduct

"Confidence through partnership" sums up the values that characterize our company and help us succeed.

"Confidence through partnership" sums up the values that characterize our company and help us succeed: Coperion's success is based on values such as reliability, honesty, partnership, quality-awareness and innovation. Our employees and business partners can rest assured that our actions are guided by firm, ethical principles. Our quality awareness concerns not only technical processes but also the observance of laws and regulations. We invest a lot of time and money in developing our products and services. This is how we ensure that we remain competitive. A commitment to these values and to providing top-class services forms the basic philosophy of our company, which is moreover imbued with our conviction that ethical standards must always be upheld. These standards are applied to all activities of our company - in every market where we operate. The key to top-class services and hence to achieving sustainable growth and success lies not least in our corporate culture. Our reputation is an essential component of our company's success.

This Code of Ethical Business Conduct contains a binding expression of the central values and guiding maxims of our business and is mandatory for all companies of Hillenbrand, Inc., the parent company of the Coperion Group. The aim of this Code is to provide our employees with basic guidelines and assure our business partners that Coperion observes and adheres to laws and standards worldwide and always acts in good faith. That is what we mean when we say “confidence through partnership”.

Code of Ethical Business Conduct

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