Excellence in Feeding and Conveying Superabsorbent Powder and Crystals

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron are experienced partners for handling superabsorbent crystals

Years of experience in the field enables us to offer tailored solutions for feeding and conveying superabsorbent materials in the production of personal hygiene products such as diapers.

John Winski, Sales Manager Americas

Coperion K-Tron’s continual commitment to innovation led to the development of the BSP pulseless feeder systems, which have proven to be invaluable for high speed non-woven production lines.

John Winski , Feeders & Systems Sales Director for the Americas, Coperion K-Tron Salina, USA

The production of personal hygiene products is a continuous process and one of the most critical tasks is the accurate, uniform and even distribution of SAP onto the fast-moving band of cellulose or bicomponent fiber. The short term accuracy and uniformity of the SAP-feeding device are key to the quality of the end product.

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