Coperion is a leader in processing equipment for engineering plastics

From single components to total compounding solutions

The properties of engineering plastics make them indispensable in the construction of vehicles and machinery, power and electrical engineering, domestic installation and for sport and leisure articles. The processing ranges from coloring and alloying of base polymers right through to incorporating organic and inorganic fillers and reinforcing materials.

From single components like feeders or valves to high-performance compounding systems and extruders or total solutions, Coperion and Coperion K-Tron have the right solution for your process. Our expertise includes material handling, raw material feeding, compounding and the entire downstream process, allowing us to design systems to our customers’ specifications. We deliver solutions to engineering plastics processors that ensure maximum throughput rates with greatest possible economy and highest product quality.

Typical areas of application for processing of engineering plastics

  • High-filled and reinforced compounds
  • Polymer foam - EPS
  • Alloying, coloring
  • Production of nanocomposites by mixing layer silicates into PP or PA
  • Gentle mixing of micro hollow glass spheres into PP, PA etc.
  • Production of long glass fiber compounds by the direct method
  • Mixing of wood fibers into thermosplastics
  • Removing moisture from bulk materials with max. 40 % humidity
  • Devolatilization of polymer solutions with a solvent content of up to 80%
  • Recycling of PET bottles or PA carpet fiber waste
  • Processing of high temperature polymers such as PEEK
  • Filtration of PC melt for optical applications

Comprehensive product range

Coperion plastics twin screws

Compounding Machines and Extruders

ZSK and STS co-rotating twin screw extruders are the world’s most frequently used extruders for the production of engineering plastics. Every one of our systems features smoothly interacting process steps and gentle handling of the product with maximum productivity.

Feeding Equipment

With Coperion K-Tron feeders you can rely on a continuous, uniform infeed with a very tight short-term accuracy and repeatability. Depending on the raw materials and process requirements, a variety of feeder models and configurations are available for use in engineering plastics processes. Single screw feeders or bulk solids pumps for free flowing materials like granulates & pellets, twin screw feeders for difficult powders as well as liquid feeders and vibratory feeders are just a few of the options to choose from.  State-of-the-art Smart Force Transducer weighing technology ensures that our gravimetric feeders provide a highly accurate result.

Material Handling Equipment

Our many years of experience have given us an unmatched level of understanding of material handling solutions for the manufacturing of Engineering Plastics. Coperion and Coperion K-Tron have designed and installed field-proven solutions for plastic compounding processes all over the globe.  Our designs have included complete material storage and discharge components, pneumatic conveying and mechanical conveying systems, weighing and feeding systems, and complete process control systems.  We offer a wide range of standard and custom made solutions for the Engineering Plastics industry.

Coperion plastics compounding plant

Plants and Systems

Coperion's unique feature is the combination of material handling, feeding, compounding and extrusion expertise under one roof. This has decisive advantages for our customers when planning and installing a compounding plants for engineering plastics - as they only have one contact, and clearly defined project responsibility.

Coperion plastics global service

Global Service

Service means more to us than someone stopping by to repair equipment. Our service structure offers much more than that. It consists of much more: over 350 service engineers and technicians around the globe who not only look after your machines and systems but also after your business. They see themselves as partners who secure your future.


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