Tailored solutions for polyolefin manufacturing

Whether it is a matter of continuously stabilizing, homogenizing and pelletizing LLDPE, HDPE or PP powder or concentrating a melt solution, we have unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in providing high-performance compounding systems as well as bulk material handling plants for the polyolefin industry. From additive handling and feeding, extrusion and devolatilization, to pelletizing and material handling – we adapt every process step exactly to your application so that you benefit from maximum throughput rates with the highest product quality.

Some typical areas of application

  • Compounding and pelletizing of polyolefin powders
  • Pelletizing of polymer melts and elastomers
  • Discharge of LCPE/EVA from LPS
  • Devolatilization of polymer and rubber solutions
  • Processing of bimodal polyethylene
  • Additive unloading and feeding

Production capacities

PP Throughput rates up to approx. 100 t/h
LLDPE Throughput rates up to approx. 125 t/h
HDPE Throughput rates up to approx. 135 t/h
LDPE Throughput rates up to approx. 80 t/h


Comprehensive product range

Coperion plastics ZSK MEGAcompounder

Compounding Machines

The ZSK MEGAcompounder co-rotating twin screw extruder from Coperion is a superior product at the highest technical level for the processing of polyolefins. It combines the total results of 60 years of system and processing competence. Its modular design principle allows optimal adaptation to every process. With our many years of know-how we configure the ZSK MEGAcompounder and the system auxiliary equipment to your individual process requirements.

Coperion plastics rotary valve

Process Equipment

Our unique know-how covers all process stages, from material transfer to accurate feeding of both primary resins and challenging powder additives, as well as packaging of the end product.  Coperion and Coperion K-Tron offer years of experience in the control of resin velocity and temperature to reduce product damage as well as the design and supply of specialized equipment to provide unmatched product homogeneity. We develop and manufacture key components required throughout the overall process such as single and twin screw feeders, Smart Flow Meters, weigh belt feeders, rotary valves, bag dump stations, a variety of discharge and diverter valves and much more. These components set standards at high pressures and with regard to wear protection. Their development is backed by our extensive experience in plant engineering.

Coperion plastics polyolefin plant

Plants and Systems

Tailored solutions for plastics manufacturing and basic chemical products – throughout the entire value added chain. Coperion supplies a wide range of solutions for overall plants and sub-systems for handling powdered and pelletized bulk materials. This applies both to the manufacture of basic chemicals such as PTA, BPA and adipic acid and also to production plants for polyolefins and engineering plastics.

Coperion plastics global service


The service network of Coperion consists of more than 220 service engineers and technicians around the globe who not only look after your machines and systems but also after your business. They see themselves as partners who secure your future.

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