Side Devolatilization ZS-EG easy and Side Feeder ZS-B easy

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Twin screw side devolatilization ZS-EG in easy design

For Even Faster Cleaning

Coperion has completely overhauled both its ZS-EG twin screw side devolatilization unit for the reliable, efficient devolatilization of extrusion processes with ZSK extruders as well as its ZS-B side feeder unit. The new ZS-EG easy and the new ZS-B easy permit much faster dismantling from the ZSK process section and the twin screws can be changed very simple. Time for cleaning e.g. for recipe changes decreases obviously.

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New easy design

For the side devolatilization ZS-EG and side feeder ZS-B easy the design of the ZSK connection barrel has been optimized for quick changing and allows all four mounting bolts to be simultaneously undone in a circular movement. What's more, the screw shafts can be completely loosened, cleaned, or changed in only a few moves. Cleaning and maintenance times are sharply reduced as a result.

An additional improvement to the new ZS-EG easy is, that it is fitted with radial shaft sealing rings. Thanks to the new seals, there is no longer a vacuum in the gear lanterns, and the service life of the gear-side shaft seal is considerably greater.

With the new gearbox, the ZS-EG side devolatilization can be quickly and easily converted into a ZS-B side feeder. Of course, the same applies in the opposite direction: a ZS-B side feeder can be transformed into a ZS-EG side devolatilization in just a few movements.

Video showing the side feeder ZS-B easy

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Simple change of screws for fast recipe changes

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