Test Labs Around The World

Discover our test lab capabilities for advanced testing: helping you optimize your processes.


  • Test Labs for Compounding & Extrusion

    Coperion has the world’s most extensive Test Centers for compounding and extrusion systems. They support the development of the optimum design for compounding plants under realistic production conditions as well as to further enhance our processing technology through internal tests and to test new machine equipment.

    Key Benefits

    • A total of 30 extrusion systems permanently available for testing – from laboratory extruder ZSK 18 MEGAlab to ZSK 70
    • Throughputs ranging from 1 kg/h to 2 t/h
    • Laboratories for real-time analyses of product quality
    • Simulation programs for calculating melt flow, optimize processes and design of individual components
    • Comprehensive peripheral equipment for feeding, conveying and pelletizing
    • Integrated food area, specifically designed for extrusion trials with foodstuffs in Stuttgart, Germany
    • Specially equipped test lab for devolatilization tests in Stuttgart, Germany


    • Stuttgart, Germany
    • Sewell, New Jersey, USA
    • Nanjing, China