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ADD-A-LOT Automated Dosing

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ADD-A-LOT Dosing for Automated, Efficient Premix Production

With the developed of the ADD-A-LOT, Coperion provides an automated dosing solution for use in a multi-ingredient handling (MIH) system. In a MIH system the number of ADD-A-LOTs is adjustable. The discharge station of the ADD -A-LOT is used to connect the storage and receiving container and is applied for the discharge and dosing of bulk material. The dosing is realized by a weighing control system. Up to 8 ADD-A-LOT dosing stations can dose simultaneously into one mixing container. The screw geometry is selected according to the bulk material. A pneumatic butterfly valve or a slide valve is provided on the outlet side to prevent inflighting material. Additionally, supporting mechanical and pneumatic discharge aids can be installed.

Depending on the contained product, the ADD-A-LOT is equipped as standard with discharge aids that prevent bridging and enable a complete emptying of the container. The most frequently used discharge aid is the pneumatic hammer, but the use of vibrators is also possible.

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Weighing Principles


Additive Weight Recording

With additive weight recording, the container that receives the ingredients is weighed. In order not to influence the measurement, it is ensured that all dosing hardware is not in contact with the weighed premix container. Instead, the connection between the discharge station and the premix container is achieved by a smart combination of aspiration and a stationary container lid. The use of additive weight recording offers the advantage that less weighing equipment is required for the same number of dosed components.


Substractive Weight Recording

For subtractive weight recording the weight change of the storage containers is considered. Therefore, load cells are installed in the framework of the discharge station. This approach enables the simultaneous dosing of several components into the same container and also allows a physical connection between discharge station and premix container. Each premix container is equipped with an individual lid and the connection is made mechanically by a bellows located at the outlet of the dosing equipment.

Multi-Ingredient Handling SystemS

The Coperion multi-ingredient handling system is a flexible, modular container system for fully automated recipe combination within a compounding plant. Learn more about the system and the advantages that it offers.

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