Fast and Gentle Homogenization of Bulk Material

The mechanical bulk material mixer MIX-A-LOT ensures particularly efficient, high-speed and gentle homogenization of fed material. The readily accessible and easy to clean mixer is available in three sizes for throughput rates up to 5 t/h, there is also an ATEX version. The surface of the mixing chamber can be electro polished.

The combination of an outstanding mixing effect and extremely short mixing time is due to the optimized design of the mixing rotor. Its low circumferential velocities and the optimum design of the gap to the housing, permit gentle handling without particle destruction or heating of the product. The large inspection door on the front of the MIX-A-LOT provides easy access to the entire process chamber. An additional opening at the discharge flap also facilitates inspection and cleaning of this section.

The Bulk Material Mixer is available in different sizes.

Your Advatages

  • Excellent mixing quality: within shortest time and concurrent gentle mixing process
  • Easy cleaning: easy and fast accessibility
  • Excellent inspection possibilities
  • Cost-saving: simpler plant design by replacing several loss-in-weight feeders and receiving hoppers, thus lower investment and maintenance costs
  • Precise: very high dosing and weighing accuracy due to an intelligent control system
  • Gentle product handling

Related Industries

  • Plastics

Mixing, Dosing and Weighing Combined in one Device

With the Mix-a-lot, three tasks are realized in one machine. First, the mixer serves as a separator of the polymers after a pneumatic transport. The operating or design data of the mixer allow safe operation in the overpressure range as well as in the negative pressure range down to -0.5 bar(g). The second task is the exact weighing of each individual formulation component. The last task is the homogeneous mixing of polymers in batch operation, which gives the apparatus a unique selling point. The integrated mixing tool achieves excellent results even at mixing times of between 90 and 180 s. The mixing time is reduced to a minimum. Due to the low circumferential velocities and the optimum gap adaptation between mixing tool and housing, grain destruction or product heating is largely prevented, which makes mixing very gentle on the product. The premixed polymer batch is then completely discharged to the loss-in-weight feeders located below.

Coperion Multi-Ingredient Handling System

The Coperion MIX-A-LOT bulk material mixer is part of the Coperion multi-ingredient handling system. Learn more about our automated mixing and dosing system.

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