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Automatic Strand Conveying System

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Automatic operation of extrusion lines

For the automatic transfer of strands from the extruder die head to the pelletizer Coperion offers two solutions: the Automatic Strand Conveying System (ASC) and the Semi-automatic Strand Conveying System (SCP).

Both conveying solutions automatically guide the extruded strands via a cooling water chute and downstream conveyor belt into the feed mechanism of the pelletizer. The automatic start-up mechanism facilitates the start-up operation, while any possible machine malfunctions caused by broken strands are avoided by the system's ability to rethread the strands.

The ASC as well as the SCP may be used for a broad spectrum of materials. They are equipped with a vertical adjustment permitting different points of strand placement on the water chute depending on the material being processed. In addition the length of the cooling zone (cooling water chute to conveyor belt) and the extraction points can be choosen suitable for each process.


  • Automatic strand conveying system without manual operation
  • Self-lacing of broken strands avoids any possible machine malfunctions
  • Reduced complexity of the system and low rate of wear
  • Specially developed die head ensures completely uniform extrusion of the strands across the entire width of the extrusion die
  • The modular design permits flexible and rapid adaptation to the requirements of the process
  • Wide operating flexibility due to adjustable cooling length
  • Strand pelletizing ensures an extremely gentle treatment of the product, as it operates with much lower pressures

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  • Plastics
  • Chemicals

Technical data

Semi-automatic Strand Conveying Pelletizer SCP SCP 100 SCP 200 SCP 300  SCP 400
Number of strands 16 29 42 55
Throughput [kg/h] 500 1,000 1,500 2,000
Working width strand sluice [mm] 170 270 370 470
Length of strand sluice [mm] 1.000 - 3.000
Length of wet belt [mm] 2 x 3.000
Length of dry belt [mm] 3.000


Fully Automatic Strand Conveying Pelletizer ASC ASC 500 ASC 700
Number of strands 65 90
Throughput [kg/h] 3,500 6,000
Working width strand sluice [mm] 570 930
Length of strand sluice / of conveying belt [mm] 3,500 / 7,000


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