Raphael Strehle

Head of Sales at Coperion Pelletizing Technology

In 2008, I began studying commercial engineering at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). With Coperion as my industry partner I was able to obtain my degree with direct practical relevance.

As part of the job-integrated learning program, I experienced all of the core departments at Coperion's Stuttgart location. And as part of a six-week internship, I was able to become familiar with Coperion Corporation in New Jersey/USA and acquire some experience in working abroad.

Coperion Raphael Strehle

Our partnership features a collegial atmosphere and a healthy operating climate.

Raphael Strehle, Head of Sales, Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH

After receiving my bachelor's degree, I worked as a project manager. The varied activities associated with the job, project management for everything from simple machines to complex plants for the plastics industry, gave me extensive experience. And parallel to my job, I was able to start studying for a master's degree at DHBW. Since November 2015, I have been the head of sales at Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH in Offenbach.

I appreciate the diverse development options, varied activities and major responsibility that I assume at a young age. The company is active worldwide, so working in a multi-national team is part of the daily job and it is also possible to have a longer stay abroad. Our partnership features a collegial atmosphere and a healthy operating climate.

I have lots of freedom to take care of my own tasks.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop skills, that drive both the company and individual employees forward. Despite its size, I have many chances to actively participate in shaping the company. This is especially the case in my current function as head of sales for Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH.

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