Susie Gao

Service Director China, Coperion Nanjing

I have been working at Coperion for more than 9 years. In 2007 I started as an assistant to the Service Director China. During that time I was travelling frequently with the Service Director and in the beginning most of the job was organizing the travel and translations.

Coperion Susie Gao

In my eyes, my job is not only the tool to make money it is something I love doing.

Susie Gao, Service Director China, Coperion Nanjing

Slowly I started to get interested and involved in the spare parts sales business. In 2009, Coperion Nanjing had an open position for a spare parts sales engineer and due to the experience I gathered from my two previous years, the management asked me to fill in for this open position. I received intensive training from both my local boss and from the Germany office. In 2011, I was promoted to spare parts sales manager. This was a new challenge for me because suddenly I was not only doing spare parts sales but also managing a team of spare parts sales engineers. In 2016, I took over the position as Service Director China. I have developed myself significantly within a relatively short amount of time, but this was only possible under the guidance of my three mentors.

I have a lot of feelings about Coperion. In my eyes, my job is not only the tool to make money it is something I love doing. I like to work with my colleagues who are professional and positive. My bosses are always very supporting and trust me even though we are located in different countries. I have to work hard, not only for myself, but also to ensure my colleagues and bosses are not disappointed.

Working at Coperion, an international company, gives me the chance to have frequent contact with colleagues all over the world. I really appreciate the close collaboration with my colleagues from other Coperion locations and all the support they give me every day. The slogan “Together to the Next Level” was used for the merger of Coperion and Coperion K-Tron in 2013. It is not only for our customers but also for each Coperion and Coperion K-Tron employee as part of this big family.

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