Dense Phase Conveying Equipment

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Dense phase conveying system
Coperion K-Tron

Solutions for your hard to convey materials

Dense phase systems convey materials at slower velocity than traditional dilute phase pneumatic systems. Unlike dilute phase conveying, in which all the material is suspended in a high speed gas stream, dense phase conveying moves material in a slower but more concentrated manner, especially along the bottom of the pipeline.  The dense phase system will be designed to move material in a strand, plug, or fluidized mode depending on the nature of the material and the plant configuration.

Dense phase conveying is ideal for materials that are abrasive, friable, segregate, temperature sensitive, or have high bulk densities. In addition, this method is typically capable of higher conveying rates and longer conveying distances.

Key Features

  • Feedback – Traditional dense phase conveying can experience problems if there is any change to the material, operational distance or rate, or environmental conditions. Coperion K-Tron’s dense phase feedback can sense these changes, make compensations, and provide the needed reliability. Virtually all pneumatic conveying systems can provide some intelligence at the source and at the destination, but no information feedback along the conveying line. The Coperion K-Tron dense phase system has the capability of providing pressure and flow information at the source, along several points on the convey line and at the destination(s). This is particularly useful when optimizing the system for minimal air consumption (especially if the system is to handle multiple materials). In addition it makes troubleshooting the system easy and intuitive. Lastly, if a plug should form in the convey line, it can be immediately detected, easily be located and typically resolved without physically disassembling the convey line.
  • Simplicity – Units are pre-assembled to reduce installation cost, requiring only compressed air source and electrical power. Turnkey installation available.
  • Controls - Proper control is vital to successful dense phase conveying. Our experienced electrical engineers and programmers have the experience to match any customer’s control needs. A variety of control PLC and communication options are available.
  • Customization – Each Coperion K-Tron system is proposed to exactly match the intended application. This includes an environmental evaluation to make sure that all maintenance access and space allocations are taken into consideration.
  • Cleanability – In both the pressure vessel and continuous high pressure rotary valve dense phase configurations, the vessel and the convey line can easily be purged of material. Provisions are available for inspection/cleanout of the system components. Sanitary versions of both types of dense phase systems are also available utilizing Tri-Clover type clamps wherever feasible.
  • Quiet – Dense phase systems operate at noise levels well below 83 dBa.
  • Durability/Reliability – Coperion K-Tron dense phase systems purposely have additional safety factors built in to materials of construction and performance to reduce maintenance, while providing a long life cycle.

Dense Phase Product Offerings

Omniveyor™ System

The Coperion K-Tron OmniveyorTM System conveys virtually every dry bulk solid material in a safe, efficient and effective manner. The system is ideal for greatly reducing abrasion, conveying fragile materials and minimizing segregation of dry bulk solids. The Omniveyor system, achieves greater efficiency and reliability by controlling convey air pressure and air flow along the entire length of the convey line, whether the rate and distance are small or large, or anywhere in between.

The Omniveyor System comes complete with dense phase pressure vessel, an all-encompassing control system for the Air Injection Modules (AIM), as well as all system functions.

This is a radical departure from dense phase systems that employ manual pressure adjustments and flow regulation with no feedback along the convey line!

Download Omniveyor System Flyer

Dense Phase Pressure Vessel

Pressure vessels are used in dense phase pneumatic conveying applications and suitable for premixed materials, materials with high bulk density and products that are highly abrasive, friable, or tend to segregate. They are designed for high capacity conveying rates and long distances in purged and non-purged (full-line) systems. They are available in either carbon steel (painted) or stainless steel construction.

Download Pressure Vessel Specification Sheet

Dense Phase Controls & Air Injection Module (AIM)

The simple to operate dense phase control system is designed with complete control, both in manual and automatic modes, of all components in the dense phase system scope of supply.

The dense phase controls allow the Air Injection Module (AIM) the ability to inject compressed air at strategically placed points along a convey line to control velocity and material-to-air ratio, and thus reduce the potential for convey line plugging, abrasion, degradation and segregation, especially with difficult materials.

Download Controls & AIM Specification Sheet

High Pressure Rotary Valve

The specially designed high pressure Coperion ZVH rotary valve is used for continuous gentle conveying of coarse granular or pellet size, friable or temperature sensitive materials such as plastic pellets, coffee beans, grains, etc.

A dense phase rotary valve system is ideal for achieving high conveying capacities, even at long distances. These parameters are possible due to the rotary valve’s ability to withstand 3.5 bar(g) [51 psi(g)] while minimizing leakage and through use of the Coperion LMR-X air control unit.

Download Dense Phase High Pressure Rotary Valve Flyer

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