Hot Melt and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Continuous Production

Using Coperion's ZSK twin screw extruders to produce hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives allows the use of a wide range of different recipe components and ensures consistently high product quality without batch-to-batch variations.

Hot melt adhesives are applied while hot and molten. A functional binding is formed when the adhesive cools and solidifies. Pressure sensitive adhesives are highly viscous, permanently tacky substances that are applied by pressure to a substrate.

The ZSK twin screw extruder in modular design and individually configured to the product group combines various process steps in one machine: plasticizing/masticating, melting, mixing, homogenization, venting and devolatilization. By using special equipment, even non free flowing raw materials (e.g. rubber bales) can be fed into the continuous process in a controlled manner. Large volumes of resins and/or softeners can be incorporated. Entrained air, moisture and volatile organic components are removed from the product flow by applying a vacuum.

Pressure sensitive adhesives can be directly discharged to application systems, processed further in-line, granulated and powdered or even filled into containers. Hot melt adhesives are usually underwater pelletized and filled into bags.

Raw materials

Elastomers 30-50 %
Resins 20-40 %
Softeners/oils 10 - 40 %
Fillers    0 - 10 %
Color pigments 0 - 3 %
Stabilizers 0 - 3 %

Typical set-up for producing hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives

Video showing the continuous production of Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA)

Comprehensive product range

Coperion twin screw extruder ZSK twin screws


Coperion has comprehensive know-how in the design of the ZSK Mv PLUS twin screw extruder for the production of adhesives. Numerous extruders have proven themselves in the market.

Throughput rates*

ZSK 34 Mv PLUS 90 - 160 kg/h
ZSK 43 Mv PLUS 180 - 330 kg/h
ZSK 54 Mv PLUS 400 - 650 kg/h
ZSK 62 Mv PLUS 550 - 950 kg/h
ZSK 76 Mv PLUS 1,000 – 1,800 kg/h

* depending on raw materials and recipes

ZSK Mv PLUS Extruder

Feeding Equipment

Delivering the right materials in the correct amount is critical to the manufacturing of adhesives. Coperion K-Tron is expert in feeding equipment for adhesive processing and has comprehensive engineering expertise.


Coperion Service


Coperion offers a comprehensive and efficient spare parts service for the delivered machines and systems. With our maintenance services we ensure your plant availability and check the efficient utilization of resources.

Comprehensive range of services

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