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Our Recipe for Success: Why the Original WZK Dual Channel Diverter Valve Remains One of the Best-Sellers to This Day

Our Recipe for Success: Why the Original WZK Dual Channel Diverter Valve Remains One of the Best-Sellers to This Day

When the WZK diverter valve was first introduced around 60 years ago it was an immediate success. No wonder the design of the “Original” was copied so many times by other valve manufacturers (unmatched in execution) but yet, still remains one of Coperion‘s best-selling valves. It is proven, reliable, maintenance-friendly and suitable for various conveying systems as well as food applications.

Back in the 1960s, pneumatic conveying systems slowly became prevalent in industrial plants. At this time, Coperion developed the WZK diverter valve with the objective in mind to make processes more efficient and set new standards in conveying technology. The WZK was designed to switch pipes to different destinations without manual intervention. We listened to the market and we delivered a reliable and economic valve.

As a result of its compact and maintenance-friendly design, to this day, the valve has convinced tens of thousands of manufacturers worldwide. The aluminum housing with stainless steel pipe inserts keeps the weight down which allows for easy installation. To ensure operational safety and simplicity, the valve was constructed for quick access to the inner parts. This is not only favorable when it comes to maintenance-related tasks but also facilitates cleaning. Apart from its ease in installation and inspection, the design works for an operating pressure of up to +5 bar (g) [73 psi(g)]. Based on this flexible design, it can be used for dilute phase or dense phase conveying lines, and of course for gravity applications. With its smooth diverting angle (+/- 35°), the WZK is known for its gentle product handling, as the pipe channels include a more even cross-section. And the best part: It comes with pressure-assisted seals which ensures that the diverter is tight from one channel to the other and also to the outside. With its unique design, the seal adjusts itself to the conveying pressure without using additional utility air. Moreover, the pneumatic actuator is integrated within the housing while the electronic parts are integrated and protected in a signal box. For a higher level of simplicity, the unit combines both the terminal box and limit switches. The WZK is available in sizes DN 50 to 250 (ANSI 2 to 10 inch). It was designed in such a way that it complies with the regulations in dust hazardous environments. That means it is suitable for external ATEX zone 1/21 as well as 2/22.

Last but not least, the design minimizes wear due to its small rotation angle – the inner parts are barely affected by high wear materials. However, if very abrasive products are conveyed and wear occurs at the inner pipe, the WZK offers the possibility to flip around the rotor by 180° to double the component’s operational life span. Alternatively, the WZK can be equipped with wear-resistant inserts right from the beginning if very abrasive products are to be conveyed.

When Design Truly Convinces the Market, it Only Requires a Few Modifications

Clearly, the industry is constantly changing and so does our product range. Nonetheless, the WZK remains one of our most popular components. Why? Because it has proven to be extremely reliable! With the installation of a WZK diverter valve in your plant, you choose stability and reliability. The valve is built with high-quality precision parts, it is low in maintenance costs, suitable for nearly every bulk solid material and ensures short diverting time from channel to channel.

We have definitely grown fond of our WZK over the years. We hope you have too! And if you haven’t had the pleasure to use the WZK in your operation, contact us for more details.

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