For the processing of the melted polymer

Coperion Pelletizing Strand Pelletizers are in use for the processing of the melted polymer to cylindrical, dry and easy to handle plastics pellets.

Moreover, we offer strand pelletizers which are specially designed for the processing of food and pharmaceutical products.

Coperion provides the whole product range for strand pelletizing – from cooling, to dewatering, pelletizing and screening. Size and function of each single component is individually configured to your product’s needs. Our plants cover a throughput range from 2 kg/h to 6,300 kg/h.

In the field of strand pelletizing Coperion benefits from the comprehensive know-how of former PELL-TEC Pelletizing Technology GmbH, which changed its name to Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH in 2013.

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Pet Food
  • Pharmaceutical

Scope of products

We offer a full scope of suitable components to cover the entire process from melt to pellet. Due to the modular design and the easily changeable connections, the individual components can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Our specialty is the layout and delivery of complete strand pelletizing plants, along with the engineering and the fabrication of tailor-made special solutions. We realize systems for the plastics and chemical industry as well as for food and pharma applications.

You can download the Coperion Pelletizing Brochure here.

Coperion strand cooler

Strand Cooling Trough Type CT

  • Length to 25,000 mm
  • Width to 1,000 mm
  • With strand guide rollers

Strand Conveyance Type SC

  • Length to 12,000 mm
  • Width to 600 mm
  • With air and/or water cooling

Process Water Circulation Type PWK

  • Water amount up to 65 m3/h
  • Cooling power to 1,400 kW
Coperion strand dewatering SD

Within the strand dewatering process a fan (or by means of compressed air) generates an air stream with high velocity. This air stream rips off the water clinging to the surface of the strands.

In case of a suction device the water contained in the air will be separated by gravity of by demister profiles. The heat energy inside the strands evaporates the remaining surface moisture during the distance to the pelletizer.

Air Wipe Type AW

Working width 51 and 70 mm

Suction Device Type SD easy & SD mini/midi/maxi

Working width 70 up to 1,200 mm

Coperion strand pelletizer SP

Within the strand pelletizing process the extruded, cooled and dried plastic strands are taken into the strand inlet. The strands are caught by both feed rolls and transported to the cutting section. The upper feed roll is pressured.

The cutting section consists out of a stationary bed knife and a rotating cutting rotor. Between the edges of the bed knife and the cutting rotor the plastic strands are cut into regular, cylindrical pellets.

The accelleration of the cutting transfers the pellets into the pellet outlet. From there they are going to the following components, such as vibration screens or conveyors.

Strand Pelletizer Type SP EN / Pure

  • Working width 50, 100 and 150 mm
  • Throughput 30 to 1,000 kg/h

Strand Pelletizer Type SP easy / SP U

  • Working width 140, 240 and 340 mm
  • Throughput up to 3,000 kg/h

Strand Pelletizer Type SP HD

  • Working width 500 and 700 mm
  • Throughput up to 6,300 kg/h
Coperion screen machine VS300

Within the vibrating process a screen trough is vibrating by means of an oscillator device. The applied product ripples along that trough assisted by inclination and vibration. In the bottom of the trough are holes (two hole sizes), which separate the product into three fractions.

Screen Machine Type VS-II-SD

  • Working width 150, 300 and 400 mm
  • Overlength and undersize separation
  • Throughput up to 750 kg/h

Strand pelletizers for food and pharma applications

Our strand pelletizers for the processing of food and pharmaceutical products offer special features:

  • Use of stainless steel and FDA compliant materials
  • Special treatment of surfaces
  • Enclosed motors
  • Protection class IP67
  • Easy cleaning and good accessibility
  • High flexibility

Related equipment for Strand Pelletizers

Coperion automatic strand conveying ASC500

Automatic Strand Conveying System

For the automatic transfer of strands from the extruder die head to the pelletizer Coperion offers two solutions: the Automatic Strand Conveying System (ASC) and the Semi-automatic Strand Conveying System (SCP).

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Video Strand Pelletizer SP500 HD

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Compound quality is not only determined by the formula and process specifications itself but also by the pelletizing process and its equipment. Learn more on how to optimize your process to solve most common quality issues with strand pelletized compounds in our Ask the Expert article.
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