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How does a spheronizer for pharma applications work?

Pellet forming, also known as spheronization, is an essential process in many pharma applications. We asked Patrick Gabler, Sales Manager at Gabler Engineering, to present the Gabler Spheronization equipment at our joint booth at Powtech 2023.

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The Gabler Spheronizer at Powtech 2023

The system set-up shown in this video consists of a lab-sized Single Screw Extruder with a 35 mm screw diameter, a changeable die as well as a Spheronizer which is operated in batch-mode.

Gabler’s Spheronization equipment is GMP compliant and available from laboratory models to automatic production lines with up to 100 kg/batch. Customers can choose pellet dimensions from 0.4 to 5 mm and operate batch sizes from 0.15 to 6 kg. Rounding time varies between 1 to 5 minutes. In addition, Gabler offers various options, such as ATEX compliant machine designs, to cater to individual requirements in the pellet forming process.

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  • Patrick Gabler

    Sales Director Gabler Engineering

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