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Coperion packaging systems

An eye for detail with the big picture in mind

Coperion offers intelligent packaging machines with automated features that ensure crystalline, granular, beaded or flaked goods to be accurately weighed, ideally dosed and hygienically packaged. With self-cleaning functions and easy maintenance integrated into every solution, operators can rest assured that the processing lines will run smoothly. 

Coperion's packaging solutions include several models of integrated bagging and palletizing machines, FFS machines and palletizers on motorized karts that can be easily adapted to existing plant layouts. These karts are able to move on rails or with independent wheel drive to allow X and Y movements without appreciable turn radius. All Coperion bagging and palletizing systems can be integrated into existing plant data acquisition systems for quality control and packaging efficiency control. The modular design allows an easy upgrade of machine performance to be made without the need to replace the complete system. A new cleaning system allows reliable cleaning to take place in less than a minute, without the need for operator attendance. This reduces the risk of product cross contaminations with a significant increase in the overall line efficiency. With the latest series of bagging and palletizing machines Coperion now offers plastics compounders reliable and innovative solutions to meet the challenging demands of automatic packaging systems, especially when frequent product changeovers are required.

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