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Support with service and maintenance of your plants

Coperion's Maintenance Plan

Do you know this problem? You operate a processing system, standardized or highly complex, with countless different individual units and components and the same questions arise continuously: Which part has to be maintained next? What documentations are necessary for this? And how can unnecessary downtimes be avoided?

Coperion does have the answers – with the clear and concise Maintenance Plan Tool. We create a list individually for you and your system which shows you at a glance which part needs to be maintained when. You can see immediately which service and maintenance work is due daily, weekly, monthly or after a certain number of operating hours. All the documentations necessary for these activities are available to you with just one click.

This makes you ideally prepared – for all Coperion equipment installed in your plant, from the raw material feeding to the downstream periphery. Whether twin screw extruders, components, conveying equipment, feeders or packaging systems, with the Coperion Maintenance Plan you can optimally plan all due service and maintenance measures. You have constant access to all the necessary technical documentations and always have an eye on to what work has already been done. In short: The Maintenance Plan from Coperion enables you to handle service and maintenance work as smoothly as possible so that you benefit from the maximum production availability of your plant.

In addition to the Maintenance Plan, the Coperion service staff is at your disposal with numerous further supportive measures. For example, we take over the complete organization and coordination of a planned Turn-Around-Maintenance (TAM), create extensive service reports or plan the spare parts stocks for you. With more than 40 sales and service companies, 2,500 employees and numerous representatives worldwide we can respond quickly and offer support where it is needed. Our specialists and local partners speak your language and are familiar with local conditions – because cooperation requires that you understand your partners.

Materials Handling Contact:

  • Michael Kahan

    Project Manager Modifications & Technical Service at Coperion

Compounding & Extrusion Contact:

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