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STS Mc¹¹ and the CTE PLUS - two new twin screw extruder series

Successful introduction of the latest twin screw extruder STS Mc¹¹ and CTE PLUS

At this year’s Chinaplas 2015 we successfully introduced two new twin screw extruder series: The twin screw extruder STS 65 Mc11 and the CTE 50 PLUS.

Twin screw extruder STS Mc11

With its specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3 the STS Mc11 sets new standards: it features throughput rates of up to 27% higher than the preceding model and for the first time benefits from Coperion’s industry-proven ZSK MEGAcompounder patented design. It incorporates our full process and quality know-how.

The new STS Mc11 series is exclusively equipped with European, Coperion branded gearboxes. Maximum screw speed has been increased from 800 to 900 rpm. To improve cleaning and facilitate quick changovers for masterbatch applications, the STS Mc11 also features new hoppers with inserts and a redesigned die head. The screw shaft coupling is similar to the one long proven in the ZSK Mc18 series. The new, optimized base frame withstands torsion under maximum stress.

Twin screw extruder CTE PLUS

With the CTE 50 PLUS Coperion Nanjing, China, launches a twin screw extruder at a very attractive price-performance-ratio. Its precise manufacturing ensures the economical processing of a wide range of applications at high product quality.

To improve reliability and to ensure longer life time Coperion Stuttgart, Germany, has engineered new gearboxes for the CTE PLUS that can bear a specific torque of 7.2 Nm/cm3 and are exchangeable with old generation CTE’s gearboxes. It offers a new terminal box that meets highest safety standards and is supplied on a new base frame. Before delivery each CTE PLUS extrusion system is subjected to a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the Coperion Nanjing site to ensure high quality standards.


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