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Pellet cleaning brought to the next level: first mobile HFS complete system

First mobile plug’n play pellet cleaning system worldwide

After successful market launch of the second generation of the horizontal fluid bed separator HFS in April 2014, the separator system was brought to the next level. Up to now the cleaning system consisted of a number of individual components like separator, fans, cyclone, piping etc. which normally was installed by the client according the relevant Coperion guidelines. This is no longer necessary. The new HFS skid only consists of two mobile modules connected with a hose and a cable. The first module consists of separator, wash air fan and a control panel including all necessary accessories mounted on a mobile rack. The second module is a mobile filter with integrated exhaust air fan. The local panel makes the control of the system very easy and the available dry contacts allow a connection to a higher level control system.

Fluid bed separator

The HFS skid was designed to meet the requirements of compounding applications therefore only two types are available for market launch. The types HFS 2,3 and 4,5 can handle product capacities up to 4,5 t/h.

Operating principle of the HFS

The advantages at a glance:

Ready for immediate operation: Unpack > Install cable and hoe connections > Ready to go!

Easy to operate: integrated, user-friendly control system

Easy to integrate: simple connection to a higher-level control system

Flexible: the wide, adjustable throughput range enables the mobile system to be used in different areas of a production plant

Efficient: thorough removal of dust & streamers only requires a small quantity of wash air

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