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Coperion Ideal Pvt Ltd receives letter for appreciation from Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd

Long-term successful cooperation between Coperion India and Samsung Engineering

The cooperation between Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. and Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd., India, dates back to 1997 when Coperion Ideal received its first order for a LLDPE project. Having executed this project successfully, Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. again relied on Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd. as partner. Over the last few years, different projects in different countries have been successfully delivered and handed over to Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.

A recent project, with Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd., is ongoing in Malaysia for a materials handling and pneumatic conveying system being handled by Coperion and an additive unloading and metering package in association with Coperion K-Tron. In October 2016, Mr. Raphael Kang Sik Kim, Sr. Vice President and Head of Procurement 1 Team of Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd., visited Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd and conveyed Samsung’s deepest appreciation to for Coperion’s efforts and cooperation in the current project and future projects to come.

“Our fruitful discussion during the last meeting has contributed to developing a clear understanding of the history and business expertise of Coperion ldeal Pvt. Ltd. It was a good opportunity to explore a potential project we can work together and build a closer partnership with your company in the future”, said Mr. Raphael Kang Sik Kim.


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