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Evaluating the True Cost of Your Food Ingredient Feeder

How much will your food ingredient feeder really cost?

Maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is one of the key factors in realizing the true cost and ROI when purchasing a screw feeder for metering food or pet food ingredients. A number of design and control options exist which can contribute to this effectiveness, some of which may not be realized at the time of specification. All of these options should be evaluated carefully to determine the best fit for the application while also optimizing the feeder’s performance. This white paper will:

  • Define the performance and cost differences between volumetric and gravimetric feeders, as well as twin screw versus single screw
  • Outline options in materials of construction and surface finishes/surface treatments and evaluate the value of defining these options in feeder specifications
  • Analyze options in design for better ergonomic design, as well as efficiency in cleaning and changeover times
  • Evaluate various flow aids available to improve flow through the feeder, thus maximizing performance and feeder accuracy

By evaluating all of the options available, a true analysis of feeder cost and return on investment can be realized, and the resultant OEE can be optimized. For further information, download this white paper.


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