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Loss-in-Weight Feeders for Liquids

Coperion K-Tron’s liquid loss-in-weight feeders in new modular design.

When feeding liquids, the special requirements of each application vary widely. Thanks to the new modular design of the Coperion K-Tron Loss-in-Weight Liquid Feeders, various pumps and tanks can easily be integrated to constitute a reliable liquid feeding system for the specific application. Although each liquid feeder is custom designed to meet the desired feed rate, the process demands, and the characteristics of the liquid, the new modular concept streamlines the layout and engineering process of a feeder, thus reducing its lead time and initial cost.

The new modularity also provides benefits in terms of a uniform mechanical construction as well as identical operation and maintenance for multiple differently sized units. This simplifies feeder operation, maintenance and spares inventory which in turn saves effort and cost. The same applies for retrofits. Some of the key features are: gear, membrane or other pump (depending on the liquid), highly accurate SFT weighing technology, liquid tanks starting from 7.5 liters, optional heating to maintain the process temperature and ATEX configurations.


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